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November 1997 Washingtonian Magazine Contents – Getting Ahead

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Capital Comment Who'll Buy the Skins? . . . Wild Game in the Suburbs . . . Playing Celebrity Jeopardy! . . . Huggy-Kissy Latins.
Where & When
Taking It Downtown
Abe Pollin hopes his new MCI Center will breathe life into the city he loves. By Ken Adelman.
Ghost Stories
Lincoln's ghost in the White House, a female stranger haunting Alexandria, and other spooky tales. By Bill Heavey.
Fall of the House of Hechinger
The hardware chain was a great Washington success story. Now it's one more local company going up in flames. By Harry Jaffe.
Call Me Chuck
The British are restless, the monarchy's in peril–time to call in Dick Morris and the other Yanks? By Victor Gold.
Not in My House!"
In Washington's affluent suburbs, ever-younger kids are getting into drugs. Here's how drugs tore one family apart. By Harry Jaffe.
Making a Splash
A new book from National Geographic is full of wonderful photos–and the stories of how those photos came to be.
Feeling Your Pain
To write songs about lousy relationships and hard living, Kevin Johnson gets a little help from his friends. By Nicole Kraemer.
Hey, Coach
The hours are long, the pay is low. For most coaches, the only reward is the chance to change a kid's life. By Tim Warren.
Getting Ahead
Washington is a great place for working women. Here's how more are getting to the top, starting businesses, and redefining work–and the meaning of success. Edited by Sherri Dalphonse.
Beyond the Big Names
A look at some super schools that aren't famous–and our annual guide to the area's private schools. By Alicia Abell.
Better Smiles
Lasers and other advances mean less-painful trips to the dentist. Plus–a list of the area's top dentists. By Diane Naughton.
Dining Guide
Best of Wheaton
Dining Out
Yannick Cam Goes Catalonian
Food Gifts
Special Deliveries
Cheap Eats
Vietnam and Vuitton
Luxury Homes

Language of Love
First Person
Places in the Heart