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February 1998 Washingtonian Magazine Contents – Young Millionaires

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Capital Comment No Buddy for Greenspan . . . Posties Move to Big Apple . . . Sam's Happy Valentine . . . Octopus Fun at the Zoo.


Where & When George Segal . . . Peter Pan . . . Yo-Yo Ma and Isaac Stern . . . Muhammad Ali . . . Chinese New Year.

Designing Woman Carol Lascaris on creating beautiful interiors. By Ken Adelman.

They're Playing Our Song The sweetness of "God Bless America." By Victor Gold.

Spy Stories A guide to the best books about espionage. By Richard Victory.

Young Millionaires They're under 40, smart, driven–and making fortunes in the Washington world of high-tech. Here's how they're doing it, and how to get in on the action. By Sherri Dalphonse.

Vroom! Vroom! Ex-Redskin Pete Wysocki takes it to the limit. By Chuck Conconi.

Bubbling Brooke Her spunk has made her a popular DJ. It's also helping Brooke Stevens fight the biggest battle of her life. By Adrian Havill.B

Microsoftopus How Bill Gates is fast becoming a DC insider. By Kim I. Eisler.

On the Edge Sans sequins, local skater Michael Weiss is going to Japan. By Courtney Rubin.B

Isn't It Romantic Even Cupid can use a little help. Here's how to make Valentine's Day a night to remember. Edited by Robyn Gearey.

Changing Lives The story of two brothers whose lives took very different turns when a church in McLean set out to help kids in Anacostia. By Nick Kotz.

Where the Action Is Whatever your game, there's gambling nearby. By Kim I. Eisler.

Hot New Chefs Some of Washington's youngest chefs are in charge of the city's hottest restaurants. By Thomas Head.

Dining Out Mood Indigo

What's New Greenwood Comeback in Cleveland Park

Cheap Eats Sushimania

Best Wine Stores Can You Recommend . . . ? By Ann Berta.


Real Estate Resort Homes

Luxury Homes

Singles Meet Me at the Metro. By Cynthia Hacinli.

First Person Hot Lips. By Robyn Gearey.