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May 1998 Washingtonian Magazine Contents – Great Weekends

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Capital Comment Jerry, George, Elaine, and Kramer in DC . . . A new career for Monica? . . . Sex at the Smithsonian.

Where & When Rothko at the National Gallery . . . Bluegrass at Wolf Trap . . . Show Boat at the Kennedy Center.

Good Counsel Lloyd Cutler on life as the White House lawyer. By Ken Adelman.

After Fen-Phen The latest on losing weight. By Leslie Milk.

Not His Kind of Town Ol' Blue Eyes played the Washington game his way. By Victor Gold.

Nine to Five What the workplace teaches about bosses, sex, and politics. By Richard Victory.

No Boys Allowed Holton-Arms head Diana Beebe talks about the right way to educate girls. By Diana McLellan.

He's Good, He's Bad The two sides of real-estate operator turned publisher Mort Zuckerman. By Barbara Matusow.

Coming Home Richard Diebenkorn visited the Phillips Collection as a young artist. Now the gallery welcomes him back. By Leo J. O'Donovan.

What a Kick Soccer star John Harkes rolls along. By Dave Ungrady.

What's Wrong With Jessica? How NIH doctors cracked the case of a very sick little girl. By Larry Van Dyne.

In the Act The year's winning pictures from the White House News Photographers Association. By Alicia Abell.

Julie's Choice A young lawyer writes about deserting her ailing mother. By Robyn Gearey.

Great Weekends Our first reader travel awards: your favorite beach hotels, romantic inns, mountain lodges, spas, resorts, and getaways. Plus–top vacation spots around the world. By Sherri Dalphonse.

Soft-Shell Delight Enjoying our region's great delicacy. By Jimmy Sneed.

Three on the Hill Good dining around the Capitol. By Thomas Head.

Dining Out, What's New, Cheap Eats, Wine, Beer Dinners


Real Estate What's New in High-Priced Homes

Luxury Homes

Singles Twice the Fun. By Cynthia Hacinli.

First Person Marathon Man. By Rob Newell.