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July 1998 Washingtonian Magazine Contents – Best & Worst

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Capital Comment Could the Post make Anthony Williams mayor? . . . Who's behind George W. Bush? . . . Provence without Yannick Cam.


Where & When Fireworks on the Fourth . . . Motown comes to Wolf Trap . . . Mark Rothko at the National Gallery.

Rapture of the Deep Water books that satisfy more than thirst. By Richard Victory.

Home Alone Author Pat Hersch takes a searching look at how teenagers really live. By Ken Adelman.

Do the Right Thing Bill Holmes made a career out of telling congregations what they don't want to hear. By Barry D. Wood.

A Matter of Honor Two years after he killed himself, the Navy says Admiral Mike Boorda deserved his medals after all. By Nick Kotz.

Standup Guy After two bestsellers and some 5,000 columns, Russell Baker still won't play the game the Washington way. By Tim Warren.

Best & Worst This year's winners and losers–from cookies to Congress, from walking shoes to titanium drivers. Plus, readers pick their favorites. Edited by Leslie Milk and Alicia Abell.

Lessons From the Grave Anthropologist Ann Palkovich can tell a lot from looking at bones and graveyards. By Diane Granat.

Wild Ride Champions David and Cathy Hearn ride the rapids. By Harry Jaffe.

It Came From the Deep Kenneth Starr's obsession with Clinton stems from a complicated psychology–and a simple inability to say no. By Kim I. Eisler.

Off the Mall Away from the tourist spots, there's an uncrowded world of museums, historic homes, and wonderful gardens. By Barbara Matusow.

Major Fun For baseball in its purest state, check out the area's minor-league teams. By Mike Elkin.

Hot Local Stocks Area companies to keep an eye on, plus the experts' investment picks for 1998. By Wayne F. Nelson and Ellen S. McLellan.

Guide to Great Salads The best of summer greens from restaurant salads to bottled dressings, plus expert advice on how to make them and dress them. Edited by Thomas Head.

Dining Out, What's New, Wine

Luxury Homes

Singles Out in the Open. By Cynthia Hacinli.

First Person Don't Blame Me. By Dave Borowski.