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December 1998 Washingtonian Magazine Contents – 100 Years in Pictures

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Capital Comment Cowboy hunks on the Hill . . . Gift books with a local flavor . . . Notorious woman moving to Paris.


Where & When Other Van Goghs well worth seeing. . . Bernadette Peters comes to town . . . The Nutcracker hits the stage.

Giving It Away Charities can use almost anything you want to donate. By Ellen Ryan.

What If the South Had Won? A novel imagines a nation known as the Confederate States of America.

Three, Two, One . . . In the rain, the St. Albans team needed a miracle kick. By Brooks Clark.

Fine Food Found Here Good books that will help you eat well. By Richard Victory.

A Lifetime in the City Jacob Stein reflects on 50 years of life, laughs, and law in Washington. Interview by Ken Adelman.

100 Years in Pictures

The Way We Were Everyday life in an uncommon city.

Tragedy Air Florida, Knickerbocker, the Reagan shooting.

Beginnings Hot Shoppes, the thousand days of Camelot.

Endings Saying goodbye to FDR and to polio.

Sports Sammy, Sonny, Sugar Ray, the Bullets.

War High stakes at the White House, tempos on the Mall.

People Di, Liz, Duke, and the hostess with the mostest.

Scandal Joe McCarthy, Watergate, the ultimate man to see.

Remembrance From the Klan to Martin Luther King Jr.

Restaurants Then and Now Washington restaurants have mirrored the city's changes. Here's how we've dined out in good times and bad. By Robert Shoffner.

Reader's Favorite Restaurants

Holiday Bubbles

Dining Out, What's New, Wine

Gore Walks Into a Bar . . . For a joke writer, Washington is comedy central. By Victor Gold.


Luxury Homes

Singles Dateless for New Year's? No Problem. By Alicia Abell, Cynthia Hacinli, and Courtney Rubin.

First Person A Christmas Memory. By Katie Davis.