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March 1999 Washingtonian Magazine Contents – Best Small Towns

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Capital Comment Makeup artist to the talking heads . . . No more pandas at the zoo? . . . New editor at Style.

Where & When The cherry blossoms are coming . . . Irish folk tunes and bluegrass at Wolf Trap . . . Sargent sizzles at the National Gallery.

Fish Stories Chef Bob Kinkead on the secrets of a successful restaurant–and how he came back from failure. Edited by Ken Adelman.

Second Bananas Who'll be number two in 2000? By Victor Gold.

Tales of the Tape E.B. White reading Charlotte's Web is wonderful. And le Carré is easier to understand on audio than in print. By Richard Victory.

Best Small Towns You don't have to go far from Washington to find nice places where life is simpler and safer, homes are more affordable, and there is a genuine sense of community. By Michael J. Weiss.

You Oughta Be in Pictures Darlene DiDonato helps find the right spot in DC for Harrison Ford and Kristin Scott Thomas to kiss. By Courtney Rubin.

On the Make Steve Trachtenberg is energetic and controversial. But nobody ever said being a university president is easy. By Larry Van Dyne.

Big Name Hunting How Katie Couric and Diane Sawyer and Barbara Walters go after big names like Monica. By Barbara Matusow.

Life After the Bottle Alcoholics tell their own stories. By Chuck Conconi.

Light of Her Life She was a pioneer in laser surgery. But it became a labor of love when her fiancé was scarred in an accident. By Hilary Mackenzie.

Going for the Gold The man behind Washington's Olympic bid. By Harry Jaffe.

Summer Camps Giving It the College Try


Nightlife The Irish Are Coming. By Cynthia Hacinli.

Dining Guide Finding the Best Hotel Restaurants

Dining Out, What's New

Real Estate Smart Retirement Communities

Luxury Homes

Singles Get In on March Madness. By Courtney Rubin.

First Person My Life as a Blond. By Emily Heil.