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April 1999 Washingtonian Magazine Contents – Top Doctors

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Capital Comment Does Monica's mug mean a love interest? . . . Big spenders hit local restaurants.

Where & When Georgia O'Keeffe at the Phillips . . . Free theater tickets for kids . . . Celebrating the Duke . . . Easter Egg Roll.

Next Kill the IRS Stephen Moore has an answer to the hated income tax. By Ken Adelman.

Boy Wonder This first-grader's paintings sell for up to $8,000. By Courtney Rubin.

Breaking Windows An inside look at the Microsoft trial. By Andrew Glass.

Bunny Tales Confessions of a White House Easter Bunny. By Mark R. Miller.

Secret Weapon The most influential man you've never heard of. By Jay Winik.

Yesss! Great photos from the White House News Photographers Association.

Saving Ishen How Washingtonians banded together to save the life of a mystic dying 10,000 miles away. By Mike Tidwell.

Animal Houses Lots of money and ego is at stake in the battle between National Geographic and Discovery Communications. By Linda Killian.

River Dance More people are discovering the joys of rowing. By Lydia Strohl.

Movie Mom Nell Minow helps pick great family movies. By Diane Granat.

Top Doctors The best physicians in the Washington area. Edited by Ken DeCell.

Dreaming of Gold Herman Moro was mowing lawns but had visions of finding sunken treasure. By Dave McKenna and Jim Popkin.

Going After Shorty Wilma Lewis wants to get the punks off the streets. By Harry Jaffe.


Dining Guide The best of Reston, Herndon, and Chantilly. By Cynthia Hacinli.

What's New, Wine, Dining Out

Luxury Homes

Real Estate Golf Communities. By Dale Leatherman.

Singles Back in the Game. By Courtney Rubin.

First Person April Fool! By Michael Weiss.