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May 1999 Washingtonian Magazine Contents – Dream Weekends

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Capital Comment Quayle aides flock to Bush . . . The dirtiest newspaper in town . . . Pundit blondes fading fast . . . Interns on TV.


Where & When Ingres at the National Gallery . . . Georgia O'Keeffe at the Phillips . . . Merchant of Venice at the Shakespeare . . . Baseball!

Americans Abroad Bob Gallucci defends our diplomats. By Ken Adelman.

Doctor-Recommended Physicians find these books well worth reading. By Richard Victory.

Snap, Snap, Snap Pictures of the year from Washington's top photographers.

Deeper Meanings Fun-loving Myra MacPherson has seen and written it all–including a book on grieving and loss. By Diana McLellan.

How Bambi Became a Suburban Menace Deer may be innocent, beautiful creatures, but we now have more deer than lawyers. And that's a big problem. By Larry Van Dyne.

Plugged In With friends and partners spanning business and politics, Fred Malek may be the best-connected man in Washington. By Owen Ullmann.

Having a Ball Nikki McCray scores big–without an attitude. By Harry Jaffe.

Looking for Mr. Good Genes Sperm banks don't sell sperm; they sell donors with the right hair color and college degree to make "perfect" babies. By Leslie Milk.

Dream Weekends Romantic inns, waterside dining, boating, biking, festivals, and more on the Chesapeake's Eastern Shore. Edited by Sherri Dalphonse.

Hot to Trot Armani, Hermès, Champagne–it's the Gold Cup! By Cynthia Hacinli.

Gardening Made Easy You don't need a lot of experience, time, or money. By Linda Greider.

Brave New U Technology is changing what college means. By Wendy Williams.

Finding Good Childcare What's best for kids at every age and stage. Plus–finding a nanny, checking on au pairs, and dealing with taxes. By Diane H. Naughton.

Dining Out, Dining Abroad, What's New, Wine


Real Estate Beware of Virtual Dog. By Laura Lewis.

Singles Hot Nights at the Beach. By Alicia Abell.

First Person First Dance. By Diane Ballard.