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July 1999 Washingtonian Magazine Contents – Best & Worst

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Capital Comment How Hillary can win . . . Sizing up the new sports moguls . . . DC's power temple . . . Lingerie from Seinfeld's ex.

Where & When Fourth of July fireworks boom . . . Teri Hatcher sizzles in Cabaret . . . Seventh Street arts district is hot, hot, hot.

Heart Strings Guitarist Charlie Byrd on the joy of performing. By Ken Adelman.

Into the Unknown Twenty books worth discovering about exploration. By Richard Victory.

Fall Guy Is Scott Ritter a hero, a troublemaker, or an Israeli spy? By David Wise.

A Drowning in Georgetown In the 1920s, a little girl falls into the Potomac. Fiction by Breena Clarke.

Remembering the Moon Landing For a few shining moments, history stood still. By Howard Means.

Garden Party At play in the National Gallery's new sculpture garden. By Alicia Abell.

What's Wrong With Herbal Remedies Natural products like herbs and melatonin are all the rage. But it's hard to tell dangerous snake oil from useful remedies. By Thomas J. Moore.

Best & Worst New restaurants, bookstores, bottled water, doughnuts, jeans, and more–here are the winners and the woebegone. Edited by Leslie Milk.

Fashioning a Life Claire Dratch still knows just the thing to wear. By Diana McLellan.

Encounter With a Psychic Lots of people pay Reed Brown to look into the future. By Bill Heavey.

A Wing and a Prayer A stay-at-home mom flies high. By Amy Brecount White.

The Long Goodbye First comes cancer, then the emotional journey. By Alicia C. Shepard.

Floating Flowers Water plants look exotic but are simple to grow. By Linda Greider.

Full Speed Ahead New Navy boss, old Navy–can they get along? By Tom Philpott.

Life With Mank Frank Mankiewicz's dad was a Hollywood legend. By Victor Gold.

Dining Out, Wine, What's New

Hot Local Stocks Area companies to watch. By Wayne F. Nelson and Ellen S. McLellan.

Luxury Homes

Singles Men, Women, and Wine. By Alicia Abell.

First Person Signs of Summer. By Mike M. Ahlers.