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September 1999 Washingtonian Magazine Contents – Fall Weekends

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Editor's Notes A Celebration of Women.

Capital Comment New lineup in Redskins owner's box . . . Playboy uncovers Maryland coeds . . . Why your Post doesn't have the scores.


Where & When: Renoir to Rothko at the Phillips . . . Goodbye, Cabaret . . . Chinese treasures at the National Gallery . . . DC blues fest.

Never Give Up Founders of an innovative school on how kids learn. By Ken Adelman.

Adventures in Reading Books on publishing, collecting, and the literary life. By Richard Victory.

Under the Knife One man's story about coping with prostate cancer. By David Dorsen.

Business Hall of Fame Five who grew businesses and opened doors for others. By Leslie Milk.

My Favorite Family Photo Pictures of loved ones and of ourselves tell about where we came from and who we are. By William O'Sullivan.

Inside the Phillips Collection With an extraordinary eye for beauty, Duncan Phillips brought modern art to Washington and created a national treasure. By Barbara Matusow.

Washington's 50 Top Association Heads Almost every American enterprise has its man–or woman–in Washington. Here are 50 with real clout. By Kim Isaac Eisler.

Guide to Good Theater Highlights of the upcoming theater season–and the lowdown on the actor's life in Washington. By Leslie Milk and Chuck Conconi.

How to Beat Traffic Traffic jams are bad and getting worse. Here are ways to avoid gridlock and make commuting less stressful. By Diane Granat.

Fall Weekends Country inns, vineyards, new resorts, spiritual retreats–plus Europe off-season and what's new in New York. Edited by Sherri Dalphonse.

Planting Ahead Now's the time for tulips and other spring beauties. By Linda Greider.

Benefits: September Swings–Polo, Golf, Galas. By Maggie Wimsatt.

Dining Out New York import Smith & Wollensky challenges our top steakhouses. Plus reviews of DC's Teaism, Neisha Thai in Falls Church, Le Relais in Great Falls, Café Mileto in Germantown, and Levi's in Oxon Hill.

Wine Looking for Great Zinfandels. By Ann Berta.

What's New Cooking as Theater at Teatro Goldoni. By Thomas Head.

Luxury Homes $2.75 Million for Moore House. By Deborah Hearns.

First Person Like Mother, Like Daughter. By Diane Naughton.