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November 1999 Washingtonian Magazine Contents – Great Places to Work

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Capital Comment 1999's biggest turkeys . . . Hillary and Bill's ritzy tabloid pals . . . Bad blood? NSO's Slatkin vs. new Post critic.

Where & When Annie Leibovitz's women at the Corcoran . . . Chinese treasures at the National Gallery . . . Side Man at the Ken Cen.

Unveiling Islam A Muslim leader talks about her faith. Interview by Ken Adelman.

Spreading the Word Andrew Carroll's mission: Saving America's letters. By Courtney Rubin.

Juggling Act Tales from inside a TV magazine show. By Bonnie Goldstein.

Dogfight Over Iwo Jima The Air Force wants to build a memorial next to the statue of Marines raising the flag at Iwo Jima. That means war. By Larry Van Dyne.

Not Lady Macbeth Washington's full of Shakespeare characters. By Ken Adelman.

Lasting Impressions Paul Mellon's last gift to the National Gallery of Art. By Larry Van Dyne.

Is DC Becoming Vanilla City? Once it was called Chocolate City. Now some people think DC is turning white. Here's what's really happening. By Harry Jaffe.

Hot Wheels Ken Baake takes everything to extremes–just for fun. By Harry Jaffe.

Bring Me the Head of Gore Vidal Believing that no famous life is complete without a bust, a Washington artist set out to capture the noted author. By William Dunlap.

Where to Hear Live Music Great places to hear blues, jazz, country, and rock. By Courtney Rubin.

Poison Pen and a Pink DeSoto Cartoonist Jeff MacNelly's brush strokes serve up clever bird characters and a jaundiced look at Washington's pretensions. By Steve Daley.

Great Places to Work Here are more than 50 places offering interesting work, good pay and benefits, friendly offices, and the chance to learn and grow. By Wayne Nelson, Ellen McLellan, Brooke Foster, and Sherri Dalphonse.

Private School Guide Finding good fits for troubled or troublesome kids. By Judith Greenberg.

Northwest Delights Good places to eat in upper Northwest DC. By Robert Shoffner.

What's New in Restaurants, Dining Out, Wine


Luxury Homes

Looking Back For 50 Cents You Got . . . By Victor Gold.

First Person Collision Course. By Tessa Tilden-Smith.