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December 1999 Washingtonian Magazine Contents – 100 People to Watch

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Capital Comment Snyder looking at college coaches? . . . Big bucks for lawyer Bill . . . 15 Minutes with a teenage dominatrix.

Where & When Nutcracker season . . . Chicago's back . . . Good museum shops . . . Hirshhorn's 25th . . . Celebrating the millennium.

Reel Life A Washington filmmaker on reality versus truth. By Ken Adelman.

Suburbs on Steroids How the 2000 census will shift power in the region. By Diane Granat.

Where No Eye Can Go Robert Ledley helps see into the human body. By Julie Wakefield.

What's in a Name Why area companies call themselves what they do. By Larry Van Dyne.

100 People to Watch They've got the brains, talent, and drive to make a difference. Edited by Howard Means, with the staff of The Washingtonian.

"He Killed My Baby'' Authorities said her baby died of SIDS, but Missy Anastasi suspected otherwise. So she set out to discover the awful truth. By Harry Jaffe.

How Much Is That Highboy in the Window? Guy Bush knows why American antiques are hot. By Diana McLellan.

Onward Christian Soldiers A century later, the Salvation Army marches on. By Tim Warren.

What's Eating Frank Rich? He was such a nice boy growing up in DC. Then he became the "Butcher of Broadway.'' Now he's badmouthing Washington. By Paul Starobin.

Map of the Stars Homes of the new team owners and other VIPs. By Deborah Hearns.

A Dog's Life Deciding how much friendliness and loyalty are worth. By John Arthur.

Benefits: Jingle-Bell Bash, Millennium Gala. By Maggie Wimsatt.

DoingGood.com Helping worthy causes is a computer click away. By Brooke Lea Foster.

Goodbye to All That It's hard landing a White House job. Try leaving one. By Lorraine Voles.

Great Ways to Celebrate the New Year Fun parties, free festivities, dining, dancing, and more–plus guides to buying Champagne, caviar, chocolate, and other fancy foods.

Readers' Favorite Restaurants L'Auberge Chez François is still on top. Best newcomer: Equinox.

Dining Out, What's New

Luxury Homes AOL exec buys for $2.3 million. By Deborah Hearns.

First Person Hey, Budd. By Ken Budd.