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January 2000 Washingtonian Magazine Contents – 100 Very Best Restaurants

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Capital Comment What's in, what's out . . . Vernon Jordan's Clinton deal . . . Feng shui for Teddy's ex-digs? . . . Webb goes Hollywood.

Where & When Vermeer at the National Gallery . . . Marcel Marceau at Ford's . . . Guys and Dolls at Arena . . . Where to go ice-skating.

A New Life Making the big change to retirement. By Ken Adelman.

Stars and Pols Forever Every campaign has its celebrities–like it or not. By Victor Gold.

Cashing In on Pain The drug company getting there first makes millions. By Thomas Moore.

Local Heroes 1999's Washingtonians of the Year. By Leslie Milk and Ellen Ryan.

What Makes a Woman? It isn't what you might think, says Natalie Angier. By Courtney Rubin.

Clean Gene Eugene McCarthy, who knocked LBJ out of the White House, is still telling tales and settling scores. By Bill Press and Chuck Conconi.

Startling Self-Portraits Eight artists, side by side with their self-portraits. By Paul Feinberg.

A Panda's Final Indignity Why Hsing-Hsing never got the respect he deserved. By Kim Eisler.

River Journey He grew up canoeing the waters of the Rappahannock. Then he set out to travel its length and was surprised by what he found. By Walter Nicklin.

Candid Camera Six years as a White House photographer gave Barbara Kinney an eye on private moments of the Clinton presidency. By William O'Sullivan.

She's So Fly Hip-hop artist Toni Blackman thinks positive. By Brooke Foster.

Hey, Big Spender In real estate, it was a very good year. By Deborah Hearns.

100 Very Best Restaurants The area's finest dining–plus 20 promising places to watch. By Robert Shoffner, David Dorsen, Thomas Head, and Cynthia Hacinli.

What's New, Wine

Winter Gardens Flowers, berries, and greenery when it's cold outside. By Linda Greider.

Perfect Wedding Guide Top caterers, musicians, florists, photographers, and others. Plus–the ultimate theme wedding, great party sites. Edited by Sherri Dalphonse.

Benefits Antiques, ballet, and brunch.

First Person Hello, Regis. By Kim Eisler.