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February 2000 Washingtonian Magazine Contents – Love & Money

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Capital Comment The man behind the millennium bust . . . Could Russert replace Rather? . . . McCain is not the worst Hill temper.

Where & When Daumier at the Phillips . . . Forever Tango at the Warner . . . Disney on Ice at MCI . . . Festival for chocolate lovers.

What's It Worth? Deciding the value of unusual things. Interview by Ken Adelman.

Who'll Run in 2008? Early picks for the tickets eight years out. By Owen Ullmann.

Latest on Laser Surgery Is it time to throw away your glasses? Maybe not. By Alicia Abell.

Love and Money Sex isn't what mates fight about most. By Sherri Dalphonse.

Helluva Ride The thrill of a lifetime? All aboard the Space Cruiser. By Julie Wakefield.

The Suburbs Too Many Cars, Too Much of Everything? As people move farther out in search of the good life, they are wondering whether lots more growth is good. By Larry Van Dyne.

Wiggle Room The latest workout is . . . belly dancing. By Brooke Lea Foster.

Tea With Sir Reginald How good can a dog's life get? Photos by Gary Landsman.

Swimming With Sharks Marine biologist Eugenie Clark does just that. By Brooke Lea Foster.

Answering the Call What's a man to do when he's got it all–even a wife and kids–and realizes he's meant to be a priest? By Richard Willing.

Discovering Wildflowers Simple glories and where to find them. By Lynda McDaniel.

Benefits Mardi Gras and an Affair of the Heart. By Maggie Wimsatt.

A Real Commitment Teach for America asks a lot; the rewards are forever. By James Savage.

Countdown to Summer Why camps fill up fast–and how to get your child in. By James Savage.

Dining Out Reviews of Olives and Palomino in DC, the Palm and Lilian's in Virginia, Raku and Pepper-Pot Café in Maryland.

Chocolates Finding the very best. By Cynthia Hacinli.

Wine How to enjoy the sweet stuff. By Ann Berta.

Real Estate A view of the ocean. By Denise Kersten.

Singles Down the aisle at Fresh Fields. By Ellen Ryan.

First Person Real JAGs ride Metro. By Dan Goldman.