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March 2000 Washingtonian Magazine Contents – Best Places to Live

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Editor's Notes Washingtonians who keep hope alive.

Capital Comment McCain's secret weapon in California . . . Who can fill Phyllis Richman's shoes? . . . Who'll take Jack Valenti's chair?

Where & When Treasures from the Topkapi . . . Available Light at Signature Theatre . . . Cherry Blossom fun . . . a great flower show.

Voice in the Box Bob Edwards talks about making pictures on radio. By Ken Adelman.

Selling Steve Francis How a DC duo took the Maryland point guard to the top. By Harry Jaffe.

Cabin Fever Feeling sick after a plane trip? It might be the air. By Thomas J. Moore.

The Richest Man in Town Michael Saylor isn't only wealthy–he also wants to change the world. The catch: He needs to know everything about you. By Harry Jaffe.

Top Divorce Lawyers Breaking up a marriage is more complicated than ever. Here are 50 ace bombers, intimidators, negotiators, and hand-holders. By Kim I. Eisler.

How to Be Cool A theater troupe helps kids survive high school. By Brooke Lea Foster.

Never Give In Rocky Versace died a hero in Vietnam. Now his friends are trying to get him the honor they say is long overdue. By Tim Warren.

Irish in Washington The old neighborhoods are gone, but an Irish community still thrives–a world of ballads, pubs, and memories of home. By Terence Winch.

Best Places to Live Neighborhoods where you can walk to shops, restaurants, schools, parks, and jobs can be wonderful places to call home. By Diane Granat.

Show Time A Southern political tradition is going national. By Victor Gold.

The Edible Garden A kitchen garden is delicious–and pretty, too. By Linda Greider.

Benefits March fun includes "Greatest Night.'' By Maggie Wimsatt.

50 Sunday Brunches Searching for the best brunches: We try 50 and find unexpected winners and a few disappointments. Edited by Thomas Head.

Wine Syrah is a red-wine lover's refuge. By Ann Berta.

Dining Out Teatro Goldoni in DC, Saint Basil in Reston, Le Mannequin Pis in Olney. By Robert Shoffner, Cynthia Hacinli, and David Dorsen.

Luxury Homes Bethesda house brings $4.8 mil. By Deborah Hearns.

Real Estate Communities put seniors online. By Courtney Porter Martin.

First Person Open up, it's OSHA. By Leslie Milk.