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April 2000 Washingtonian Magazine Contents – Where to Find it

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Capital Comment Who'd be who in Bush and Gore cabinets . . . More actors head for the Hill . . . George W.'s secret plan for DC.

Where & When Liza Minnelli at the KenCen . . . Celebrating the Library of Congress's 200th . . . Offbeat fun in Baltimore.

Getting Smarts How to handle the things Mom didn't tell you about. By Ken Adelman.

Spooks on the Roof Growing up can be strange when your father is a spy. By Robert Girardi.

Revenge of the Shock Jocks The more disgusting they are, the higher their ratings. By Leslie Milk.

How History Will Rate Bill Clinton Will his role as President be writ large or small? By Owen Ullmann.

Jaws Our corporate waters have changed. The new big fish now dwarf the old. It's a little scary. By Harry Jaffe and Courtney Porter Martin.

Out of the Dark As a young girl, Kitty Klaidman spent a year and a half in hiding. Now the painter has transformed her memories into art. By Courtney Rubin.

Fighting for Jake Ten-year-old Jake fell from a diving board and almost died. With a strong mother, he is making the long climb back. By Kim Isaac Eisler.

Wake Me When It's Over The political year in pictures by Washington's top photographers.

Rethinking Robert E. Lee To some he's a saint, to others a symbol of slavery and division. The truth is more complicated. Here's a fresh look. By Ernest B. Furgurson.

Where to Find It Furniture, antiques, designers, gadgets–here's how to get what you need to make your house beautiful and relaxing. Edited by Sherri Dalphonse.

Picking Flowers How and where to shop for healthy, beautiful plants. By Linda Greider.

Buying Good Art Whether you're looking for new prints or old masters, here are 39 galleries where you can find art to love. By Courtney Porter Martin.

Benefits Feasts and a night at the opera.

Alexandria's Best Restaurants From Old Town to Landmark, 37 good places to eat. By Cynthia Hacinli.

What's New A Tuscan trattoria; celebrating spring with egg dishes.

Dining Out Bobby Van's is another good DC steakhouse; plus reviews of Trattu, Saveur, Taviera, and Alekos Taverna.

Fairway Living Eight nice golf communities. By Dale Leatherman.

Luxury Homes Two in McLean top $1.7 million. By Deborah Hearns.

First Person Everyday treasures. By Pamela Toutant.