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July 2000 Washingtonian Magazine Contents – The Ultimate Museum Guide

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Capital Comment Will Graham sell the Post? . . . Where Jordan can't play golf . . . Guess who's not on Bush's team.

Where & When "The Impressionists at Argenteuil". . . Carlos Santana at Nissan . . . Theater festivals . . . Fireworks near and far.

Anyone Can Dance All it takes is an open mind and a love of movement, says dancer and choreographer Liz Lerman. By Ken Adelman.

What You Don't Know Too little is known about the long-term effects of the most popular drugs. By Thomas J. Moore.

Lighten Up, Alan Yes, Mr. Fed Chairman, you're king of the world–for now. But steer too hard and the ship may sink. By Owen Ullmann.

Tracking a Killer As area women fell ill from something they ate, local health workers quickly had to play detective. By Diane Granat.

Washington's Quiet Cardinal James Hickey, Archbishop of Washington, may be quiet, but his convictions run deep, and so do his memories. By Chuck Conconi.

House Prices What $400K, $700K, and $1 Million Will Buy Buyers will do almost anything to grab the right house in today's hot real-estate market. By Larry Van Dyne and Deborah Hearns.

Riding High Therapeutic horseback riding heals the body and spirit. By Laura Elliott.

Best & Worst Readers pick this year's winners and losers. Edited by Leslie Milk.

Greg Craig's A-List The star lawyer has amassed the most interesting mix of clients, friends, enemies, and connections in town. By Kim Eisler.

When Harris Met Seema He's American, she's Indian. Here's how they and other international couples face the future and learn each other's ways. By Leslie Milk.

The Ultimate Museum Guide From great art to history, Washington has it all. Here's how to enjoy it. Edited by Howard Means and Brooke Lea Foster.

Hot Local Stocks Here are 19 local companies to keep an eye on–plus, the top stock picks of the experts. By Wayne F. Nelson and Ellen S. McLellan.

Dining Out Malaysia Kopitiam is a new Asian star in DC. Also, DC's Estrusco, Argia's in Falls Church, Formosa Cafe in Crystal City, Mamma Lucia in Rockville and Olney, and Moby Dick Seafood in Wheaton.

Best Bites An import from Las Vegas; a summer cooler comes back; chefs' picks for picnic fare. By Thomas Head and Cynthia Hacinli.

Wine What works with Indian food? Some surprises. By Ann Berta.

Real Estate Go near the water. By James Savage.

Luxury Homes Georgetown's Cox House sells for $2.8 million.

First Person I survived IPO fever. By Judy Packer-Tursman.