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November 2000 Washingtonian Magazine Contents – Good Food

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Capital Comment The year's biggest turkeys  Taxpayers to pay Clinton's legal fees?  Lefties rule the White House.

Letters Congressmen aren't dumb; Adam Clymer's subscription.

Where & When White House turns 200. Warhol at the Corcoran . . . Plácido sings Parsifal . . . Ice-skating on the Mall.

Playing the Fool Actor Floyd King says that making people laugh takes more than a sense of humor. It's about not being afraid. By Ken Adelman.

Retirement Blues You promised for better or worse–but not for lunch. Here's how to manage one of marriage's biggest challenges. By Barbara Matusow.

The Secret Life of Teenage Girls Movies, magazines, and TV tell girls they can be perfect. They feel the pressure; the competition can be mean and fierce. By Brooke Lea Foster.

The Redskins, My Father, and Me George Allen's daughter remembers how he turned the team around, and the pain when it all ended. By Jennifer Allen.

You Can't Hurry Love Or can you? Welcome to the world of speed dating. By Courtney Rubin.

Prince Charming The Saudi ambassador is known for his geniality, fancy homes, and lavish parties. He's also a shrewd insider. By Lee Michael Katz.

Unforgettable JFK Pictures Stanley Tretick took some of the most famous photographs of the Kennedys. Here's the unusual story of how he did it. By Kitty Kelley.

Good Food Where and how to buy great meat, fish, produce, bread, and homegrown foods from the region. Plus–experts name the best of everything from anchovies to yogurt; tasting stuffed pastas, chips, and salsa; exploring ethnic markets; and where top chefs pick up quick, delicious meals.

Best Bites Another DC steakhouse, the first e-restaurant, pumpkins.

Wine Warm reds for cool nights. By Ann Berta.

Dining Out Reviews of Corduroy and the Caucus Room in downtown DC, Ben's Whole Hog Barbecue in Manassas, and five good eateries in Potomac.

Benefits Lombardi gala and a moonlight cabaret. By Maggie Wimsatt.

Where to Buy Men's Clothes A guide to shopping for good looks in suits, shirts, and cool casual attire. Plus–finding bargains, what women like (or don't), and a tie test.

Guide to Private Schools How to prepare a child for admissions testing. By Nancy Henderson.

Luxury Homes Power couple sells to China. By Deborah Hearns.

First Person Grandpa's violin. By Robin Gerber.