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February 2001 – Very Best Restaurants

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Capital Comment Winners and losers in Clinton's Cabinet . . . Who'll cut W's hair? . . . How much does the Reliable Source tip?

Where & When Flowery quilts at the Textile Museum . . . Peter Pan at the Warner . . . Joan Baez at the Birchmere . . . Mardi Gras!

Psyching Out the Justices Ted Olson on arguing at the high court: Better think fast. By Ken Adelman.

Goodbye Party In an office, reaching out isn't easy. Fiction by Leslie Pietrzyk.

Suddenly She Was Gone It is the unthinkable, every parent's nightmare, the world turned upside down. By Bill Heavey.

If Red Ran the Wizards What the Boston Celtics legend–and Washington resident–might do with our hoopsters. By Kim Isaac Eisler.

Searching for the Soul of the City Despite all the marble, Washington is anything but soulless and cold. Here's what makes its heart beat. By Pythia Peay.

Ladies of the Club Now we have 13 women senators. Look, there's Hillary! And is that Bill in the gallery? Illustration by Richard Thompson.

Play Time Becky Mode turned her restaurant experience into hit theater. Can she do the same with motherhood? By Susan Davidson.

Great Marriage Proposals Getting down on a knee isn't enough for some. They concoct terrific ways of popping the question. By Sherri Dalphonse.

What Up? Hanging out in the 'hood shows two market researchers what kids like–and it's changing advertising. By Melba Newsome.

100 Very Best Restaurants The finest dining in DC, Maryland, and Virginia. Plus romantic dinners for two, 20 restaurants to watch, and our restaurateur of the year. By Robert Shoffner, David Dorsen, Thomas Head, and Cynthia Hacinli.

Wine Good buys from familiar California wineries. By Ann Berta.

Best Bites A new Italian Maestro and great places for breakfast.

Not Your Grandmother's Hobby Knitting is back–and more beautiful than ever. By Linda Greider.

Benefits Dinner dancing and a good run. By Maggie Wimsatt.

Summer Camps Have fun, learn a language. By Saman Westberg.

Real Estate Ski resorts with year-round appeal. By Laura Freschi.

Luxury Homes Agees sell for $3.5 million. By Deborah Hearns.

First Person Let me out! By Adrian Havill.