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February 2002 – How To Save A Life

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Capital Comment: ISOs of the rich and famous . . . Michael Jordan's biggest game . . . David Baldacci's Washington . . . Bikini graffiti.

Where & When: Carr, O'Keeffe, and Kahlo at Women in the Arts . . . Kirov at the Kennedy Center . . . She Stoops to Conquer at the Folger.

When Daddy Was President As Lynda Robb recalls, being a First Daughter isn't easy. Try taking the Secret Service along on your honeymoon. Interview by Ken Adelman.

"Who Told You That?" Top reporters like Bob Woodward and Sy Hersh rely on leaks. What's in it for the leakers? By Robert Hodierne.

Playing Hardball Life is fast and furious for Nick Calio, the President's man on Capitol Hill. By Jeffrey H. Birnbaum.

Roadhouses, Bars, and Honky-Tonks Some great country-music places are gone, but you still can dance a two-step and hear a song that'll break your heart in two. By William Triplett.

Peaceful Co existence A dog, cat, and mouse lie down together. By Brooke Lea Foster.

Do I Hear $1,000,000? In the top auction houses, the bidding starts high for the worldly goods of Washington celebrities. By Larry Van Dyne.

The Case for Getting Married –Again Why would a woman who survived a painful divorce and built a good life on her own consider getting married again? Well . . . By Wendy Swallow.

Born on the 12th of February A newspaper clipping and a shared birthday with Lincoln started James Swanson on a lifelong obsession. By Lisa Bertagnoli.

How to Save a Life What can you do to make a difference? Here's how to find help for a friend, volunteer at a hotline, learn CPR, become an organ donor, be ready for emergencies, be a mentor, and more. Edited by Diane Granat.

Best Bites: Winning area wines, where to take a lover, and more.

What's What? Washington is a center for Ethiopian cooking and culture. Here are the area's best Ethiopian restaurants. By Victor Tanner and Willet Weeks.

Dining Out: Montmartre is a delightful new bistro on Capitol Hill. Plus reviews of Spezie and Colorado Kitchen in DC, Cafe Tirolo and Teocalli Tamale in Virginia, Sweet Basil and Shanghai Cafe in Maryland.

Snow Days: Skiing, tubing, and other winter fun. By Matthew Graham.

Have a Whiter Smile What really works in the new world of tooth whitening. By Ellen Ryan.

It's Hard to Be Hip Surprises on the set of Sex and the City. By Heidi Hookman Brodsky.

Summer Camps: Serious fun for any passion. By Daphne Retter.

Luxury Homes: Charlotte Beers pays $4.5 million. By Patricia Simon.

Real Estate: High life in the mountains. By Traci Curry.

First Person: Teaching nonviolence to teens. By Anika Binnendijk.