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March 2002 – Where To Find It

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Capital Comment People we'd pay to go away . . . Greta didn't look that way in high school . . . Enron's job aid for Washington lawyers . . . Which Cabinet member will be the first to go?

Where & When Goya at the National Gallery . . . Romeo and Juliet at the Shakespeare . . . Jazz at the Library of Congress . . . American Ballet Theatre at KenCen . . . Orchids at Hillwood.

Up, Up, and Away If there's life on Mars or anywhere else out there, we're going to find it, says Dan Goldin. Interview by Ken Adelman.

Gunning for a Pulitzer? Behind the news: How a powerful newspaper and a vulnerable police department could add up to journalistic glory. By Alicia C. Shepard.

Uncivil War at the Smithsonian The Smithsonian took a big leap in picking a money man to shake things up. Now all those nice museum people are out to get him. By Larry Van Dyne.

Behind the Scenes at the Inn at Little Washington How did a chef without any real training create a world-class restaurant? Start with an equally savvy partner, add a dash of fantasy, and keep feeding it. By Cathy Alter.

Who's the Guy in the Bunny Suit? You'd never guess what hard-boiled journalists will do when they get on stage at the Gridiron show. But can they sing? By Barbara Matusow.

She Had a Dream Lawyer and preacher Dovey Roundtree has spent her life fighting to change the world–one cause, one case, one child at a time. By Katie McCabe.

Where to Find It A big, practical, idea-filled guide to buying everything for the home: furniture, rugs, art, accessories, window treatments, and more. Edited by Sherri Dalphonse.

Getting Serious About Losing Weight Leslie Milk tells how surgery not only helped Wendy Raynor drop from size 30 to 16 but also saved her life. Ira R. Allen tells how hypnosis helped him shed 23 pounds.

Benefits Hexagon and a circus combine good causes and fun. By Maggie Wimsatt.

Dining Guide: Best of Tysons Corner From steak palaces to fast-food Thai, Tysons Corner has a restaurant for everyone. Here are the 17 our critic likes best. By Cynthia Hacinli.

Dining Out At Topaz and Bar Rouge in DC, chef John Wabeck creates impressive and very hip bar food. Also reviewed are Agrodolce in Germantown and King's Contrivance Restaurant in Columbia. By Robert Shoffner and David Dorsen.

Good Spirits New vodkas are smoother and more expensive. By Thomas Head.

Best Bites Cosi refits Xando, Tandoori Nights, a paella festival, real American food.

Real Estate Retirement communities help seniors stay fit. By Daniel Richards.

Luxury Homes Lawyers snap up big-bucks homes. By Patricia Simon.

First Person The soul of his shoes. By Pamela Toutant.