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April 2002 – Best Places to Live

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Capital Comment Who do Democratic insiders want on the ticket in 2004? . . . Is Linda Daschle another Hillary Clinton? . . . Michael Kahn's Washington favorites . . . Why MJ doesn't talk to his shadow . . . Sumo wrestling for fun in Adams Morgan.

Where & When Goya's women at the National Gallery . . . Whistler's nudes at the Freer . . . Sweet Honey at the KenCen . . . McCartney at MCI . . . Shakespeare's birthday at the Folger . . . DC's International Film Festival . . . Spring at the Arboretum.

What Makes a Good Cook You can't get there only by reading books or watching TV. Here's why it takes training–plus concentration, patience, and passion. Interview by Ken Adelman.

Honor Vs. Cheating Do today's college kids know right from wrong? An inside look at the cheating scandal at Mr. Jefferson's university. By Bob Cullen.

Passages How Washingtonians commemorate birth, death, and the milestones in between. By Lydia Strohl. Photographs by Paul Fetters.

The Birds at Oriole Park It's a good place to see birds that actually fly. Look up from the game and you're likely to see great egrets and chimney swifts and maybe even a peregrine falcon. But will you ever see a Baltimore oriole? By Ted Levin.

75 Best Lawyers Need a good lawyer? Washington is full of legal hazards–and lawyers for every problem. Here are the 75 best. By Kim Isaac Eisler.

Dinner at Jackie's The world's most glamorous widow invites me to a party. What do I wear? And what can I talk about besides my houseplants? By E.J. Mudd.

Best Places to Live Where you can find great houses, good places to shop and play, and a real sense of community. Plus–where house prices are hot. By Diane Granat.

The Truth About Liposuction It can shave stubborn fat off thighs and waists. But be careful: Liposuction is serious surgery. By Leslie Milk.

Where to Go Naked Here's a place where the question is never "What shall I wear?" Well, almost never. By Christina Ianzito.

Best Bites The joys of fatty tuna . . . Sandwich bargains and bubble drinks . . . A speakeasy with good cooking . . . Chefs as sex symbols . . . Turkish specialties in Glover Park.

Private Affairs Restaurants offer good private rooms for parties and meetings. By Cynthia Hacinli.

Dining Out Chef Geoff's in Northwest DC is the kind of restaurant a neighborhood is lucky to have. Plus reviews of Penang in downtown DC, La Piazza in Alexandria, Temel in Fairfax, Cubano's in Silver Spring, and Fontina Grille in Rockville. By Robert Shoffner, David Dorsen, Thomas Head, and Cynthia Hacinli.

Enjoying Big Reds You don't have to pay big prices for full-bodied red wines. Plus–out-of-the-way Italians worth knowing. By Ann Berta.

Real Estate How to choose the right golf community. By Kristen A. Nelson.

Benefits Dance into spring. By Maggie Wimsatt.

First Person What happened to my room? By Brooke Lea Foster.