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June 2002 – Cheap Eats

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Capital Comment Where the stars work out . . . Hillary on the 2004 ticket? . . . Sunday battle: Russert v. Stephanopoulos . . . Gordon Peterson's favorite places . . . The Post pays peanuts?



Where & When "Silk Road" Folklife Festival . . . Bolshoi at the Opera House . . . Porgy and Bess and West Side Story at Wolf Trap . . . Edward Weston photographs at the Phillips.

What's Important Loving where you're from, reading with your kids, training teachers well, and letting them do their jobs, says Lynne Cheney. Interview by Ken Adelman.

My Favorite Teacher Teachers mold the minds of their students in ways great and small. Washingtonians talk about the ones who changed their lives. By David Shribman.

Filling Dad's Shoes Having a famous father can be difficult. Whether you follow in his footsteps or take a different path, you have to live your own life. By Victor Gold.

Why It's Good to Be Greek Washington's Greeks endured hardship on the way to acceptance and success. The challenge now is to maintain an ethnic identity–and church, family, music, food, and festivals help keep the spirit alive. By Aphrodite Matsakis.

Good Boy, Don! Heel, Tom! President Bush keeps his Cabinet on a short leash. Here's why some appointees succeed and others don't–plus, how the current Bushies are doing. By Owen Ullmann.

Deadly Triangle: A Husband, a Wife, and Her Best Friend Arlen and Elsa were getting divorced–and battling over the kids. Suddenly there were allegations of sex abuse, and Elizabeth Morgan was involved. Then, police say, Elsa's best friend walked into Arlen's bedroom in the middle of the night and shot him. By Harry Jaffe and Cindy Rich.

Abracadabra It's not easy being a magician in Washington. But Karen Beriss knows all the tricks. By Gretchen Cook.

Cheap Eats 100 restaurants where you can eat very well without spending a lot of money. By Robert Shoffner, David Dorsen, Thomas Head, and Cynthia Hacinli.

Stretch Yourself Improves posture. Makes you taller. Does Pilates really do that? Here's how it works and who offers classes. By Courtney Rubin.

Benefits Barbecues, balls, and other good times for good causes. By Maggie Wimsatt.

Shades of Gray Moments of depression had come and gone, but suddenly life seemed devoid of color. With the right help, he began his climb out of the blackness. By Ben Roberts.

Prize-Winning Home Winners of the 2002 Washingtonian Residential Design Awards show that small projects can make big changes and big projects can enchant with small touches. By Ellen Ryan.

This Takes the Cake Some Washington brides are not shy about inviting high-profile people to their weddings. But what happens when the President does show up? By Sallie Brady.

Luxury Homes Mutombo sells for $1 million. By Patricia Simon.

First Person What she saw on her way to work haunts her still. By Tara McKelvey.