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August 2002 – Great Hair

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Capital Comment On the town with the Bush twins . . . Stars shower money on Townsend, Shriver . . . Scandals mean big fees for lawyers . . . New Post cartoonist sharpening pen.

Where & When Egyptian treasures . . . secrets of silk . . . Winter's Tale at the Shakespeare . . . Aida (the musical) at the Opera House . . . Tony Bennett, B.B. King at Wolf Trap . . . Go fishin'!

How to Ask for Money Build a relationship, don't seem desperate, get the donor involved in your cause–and remember to say thank you. Interview by Ken Adelman.

Five Presidents and a Funeral Hillary Clinton couldn't wait to leave, Bush and Ford talked golf, Carter lost his Secret Service agents, and Liddy gave me the creeps. By Patrick S. Halley.

Risky Business at Fannie Mae? The big DC company projects a happy image, but as its debt grows bigger and its executives get richer, should taxpayers start to worry? By Ross Guberman.

Will Success Spoil Rappahannock? As city dwellers discover the quirky charms of the county surrounding Little Washington and its inn, peace and quiet may be a thing of the past. By Walter Nicklin.

High Voltage A new gallery fuels interest in talented Washington artists. By Courtney Rubin.

Journeys to the Edge of the World Thirty years ago, Wade Davis walked away from Harvard and went to the Amazon. Since then, exploring strange places has been his passion. By Brooke Lea Foster.

Flashback Surprise! See who's who in these Civil War pictures. Photographs by Rob Gibson.

Great Hair How you wear your hair says a lot. Here's the latest on choosing the right style and a guide to the area's top salons, hairdressers, and colorists. Plus–controlling frizz in DC's humidity, advice if you're losing it, what's new in hair straightening, and more.

Diary of a Pediatrician The life of a pediatric resident consists of all-nighters, scared kids and parents, and hard decisions–also laughter and the occasional miracle. By Bryan R. Fine.

Made for You Custom jeans, bras, sneakers, even M&M's. Do Web sites deliver products with a perfect fit–or give you fits? By Christina Ianzito.

Gardening Our heat and humidity are ideal for tropical plants. By Linda Greider.

Continuing Education Why do some Muslims hate us? For the answer to this and other questions from September 11, you can go back to the classroom. By Elia Powers.

Extreme Dating Singles are jumping out of planes to meet. By Deborah Knuckey.

Redskins' Revenge After three decades of losing, they were known as the Deadskins. Now a controversial coach had them poised to take on the enemy. By Victor Gold.

Best Bites Bold hotel restaurants . . . sangria . . . herbal martinis . . . carryout picnics.

Wine Crisp whites and fruity reds for refreshing hot-weather drinking. By Ann Berta.

Dining Out Yannick Cam's splendid cooking makes Le Relais worth the drive to Great Falls. Plus reviews of Ortanique in DC, Black's Bar & Kitchen in Bethesda, and Franklin's Restaurant and Brewery in Hyattsville. By Thomas Head and Cynthia Hacinli.

Creating a Great Kitchen A guide to remodeling your kitchen: how to work with a designer and make the most of your budget. Are professional appliances worth it? Plus counters, floors, and more.

Home Buying How a free dinner clinched a big sale, and other tales from the real- estate front. Plus the month's top home sales. By Drew Lindsay and Patricia Simon.

Real Estate Attracting renters with New York-style loft apartments. By In-Sung Yoo.

First Person Between wars, she's learned who her soldier dad is. By Lindsay Gross.