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November 2002 – Top Doctors

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Capital Comment Sassy pool reports . . . Pundits who moralize but don't vote . . . The Chief Justice's lead foot . . . Clinton versus Dole in the Senate . . . The no-longer-liberal Post?

Where & When Les Miz at the National . . . Indian bronzes at the Sackler . . . Civil-rights photographs by Bruce Davidson . . . Carmen Jones at the Ken Cen . . . Washington Crafts Show.

Food Fight What's the healthy way to lose weight–low carbs or low fat? Here's what the latest science shows. Interview by Ken Adelman.

Twin Talents Very different novels from identical-twin brothers–plus new releases, good mysteries, and what a senator likes to read. By William O'Sullivan.

"Al Gore, That Snake" Clinton's assessment of his future running mate, Pat Nixon and the pornographic confetti, Barbara Bush's bad mood, and other campaign stories. By Tony Payton.

Wanted: More Meddling If American troops fight in Iraq, should the generals be in charge? Or should the President run the war from the Oval Office? By John G. Kester.

Cutting Loose Feeling that they're stuck in a rat race, people in their twenties are quitting good jobs to travel, start dream businesses, or just pull back and act their age. By Courtney Rubin.

Going Up Elevators once were operated by friendly people who said hello. In this building, they still are. By Cindy Rich.

Map of the Stars:Knocking on the White House Door 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue is Washington's best address. But the ambitious people who want to live there have some pretty nice homes, too.

Expense Account Tall Tales Spending someone else's money can be lots of fun–free trips, expensive dinners, all those taxi fares. Just don't get caught overdoing it. By Larry Van Dyne.

A Nice Bad Guy He went from rowdy teen to Ivy League grad, from fashion model to Wall Street trader. Now James Bond is after him. By Aimee Agresti.

Top Doctors Area physicians name 1,516 of the area's best doctors in 33 specialties. Plus–medical breakthroughs that could save your life. By John Pekkanen.

Think Big Five business leaders who went after opportunities to get to the top. By Leslie Milk.

Ghost Stories Dead presidents, assassins, heartbroken lovers–this city is one happy haunting ground. By Melba Newsome.

Black October Everyone thought the bull market would last. Then they just hoped. By Victor Gold.

Benefits Swedish bazaar, Turkish delights, other good causes. By Maggie Wimsatt.

Wine Area wine lovers have much to be thankful for. By Paul Lukacs.

Dining Out DC's Zola serves American food in an espionage-inspired setting. Plus reviews of Savino's Café & Lounge and Sala Thai in DC, China Garden in Arlington, Mancini's Café in Alexandria. By Robert Shoffner, Thomas Head, David Dorsen.

Best Bites Little dishes at Zaytinya . . . A lavish Lodge . . . Thanksgiving dinner to go.

Getting Into Private Schools Are great test scores a ticket to a top school? A private-school alum and former teacher helps unravel the mysteries of who gets in and who doesn't. By Alicia Abell.

Luxury Homes Big deals by Mario Morino, Haynes Johnson. By Patricia Simon.

First Person A mother who dishes out love by the spoonful. By Jennifer Cho.