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May 2003 Contents – Our Washington

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Capital Comment TV stars come to town. . . How Jim Hoagland became a very influential hawk . . . Maureen Bunyan's Washington favorites . . . Preparing the way for Chief Justice Clarence Thomas?

Where & When City Museum makes its debut in DC . . . Houdon sculpture at the NGA . . . Anita Baker at Wolf Trap . . . Sondheim's Follies at Signature . . . The Glen Echo Park carousel rides again.

Is It About the Oil? Not in Iraq. Daniel Yergin knows oil and he knows the world economy. He says Russia will be the new oil power. Interview by Ken Adelman.

Sharks and Saints A book about a scientist who chucked it all for the priesthood– plus coming-of-age stories and other new titles. By William O'Sullivan.

Who Is John Edwards? He's got brains and good looks–he's the Michael Jordan of politics, says Bill Clinton. But if he's going to beat George Bush, he needs to find his soul. By Charles Hurt.

Super Shots Pictures of the year from the White House News Photographers' Association.

Hit the Damn Ball The President is quick, decisive, and takes risks. And he likes to win. By Bob Cullen.

Homes of the Financial Fat Cats They juggle numbers and create tax shelters. Here's where they live.

Double Vision Two young friends enjoy eye-popping success. By Cindy Rich.

Believe in Magic For a dollar, Nancy Alberts bought a mare. It had a colt with a star on on its face and not much promise. But Alberts named him Magic. See him run. By Kim Isaac Eisler.

How I Lost 75 Pounds In one year she dropped six dress sizes–and rediscovered the pretty girl she used to be. Here's how she did it. By Heather Perram.

Our Washington Are we doing a good job of protecting the air, water, and and in our hometown? Here's a special report on the state of the area's environment. By Larry Van Dyne.

Never Give Up She persevered in her dream to become a doctor, then had the heart to convince a patient to keep fighting, too. By Harry Jaffe.

Looking for Mary Poppins A good nanny isn't hard to find–if you know how to look. Plus, tales from the childcare front. By Sarah Pekkanen.

Searching for Great Pizza Rating the restaurant pizzas, the delivery pizzas, the supermarket pizzas. Plus a look at how the real Italians do it. By Thomas Head.

Best Bites Old incinerator becomes a hot spot . . . locally smoked trout . . . dining in the garden.

Wine Unsung reds and whites that go well with food. By Paul Lukacs.

Dining Out Reviews of Circle Bistro and Pesce in DC, Tequila Grande in Vienna, Manila Cafe in Springfield,Thai Farm in Rockville, and Silver Swan on Kent Island.

Hot Stuff Where to go for chips, salsa, margaritas. By Brooke Lea Foster.

Benefits Jazzmatazz, jewels, and more good times for good causes. By Maggie Wimsatt.

Custom Homes A touch of old Europe in Potomac. By Wendy Ann Larson.

Luxury Homes TV journalist buys for $1.75 million in DC; Earle Williams goes condo in McLean.

First Person With an older mother, you can learn a lot about how to stay young. By Melanie Burkes.