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August 2003 Contents – What’s Cool

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Capital Comment Would better hair help the Democrats? . . . The law firms with the biggest bucks . . . Could Schwarzenegger replace Valenti? . . . Tommy Boggs's favorites . . . Partying at the Air Club.

Where & When Dutch still lifes at the National Gallery . . . Nijinksy's Last Dance at the KenCen. . . Pop stars at the MCI Center . . . Mary Chapin Carpenter and Judy Collins at Wolf Trap . . . Richie Havens at the Birchmere.

Tell It to the Judge What it takes to be treated fairly and why family love matters. Interview by Ken Adelman.

When Dad Needed Me His father was a doctor, and he became one, too. But then the father got sick, and the son made the biggest mistake of his life. By J.B. Orenstein.

DC's Toughest Columnist William Safire has some of the virtues of a Boy Scout–he is trustworthy, loyal, courteous, and brave. But if he thinks you're doing wrong, he will not be kind, friendly, cheerful, or reverent. By Harry Jaffe.

Are Cabbies Taking You for a Ride? In DC's zone system, a cab ride from Point A to Point B should always cost the same. But it doesn't. A lot depends on what you look like. By Barbara C. Nef.

At Play With Washington's VIPs It's August, and Washingtonians are sailing in Martha's Vineyard, partying in the Hamptons, golfing in Nantucket, and eating crabs on the Eastern Shore. Here's who's playing where. By Sallie Brady.

Mayday! Mayday! As Hurricane Connie moved up the Atlantic coast, 27 people set sail from Annapolis on a cruise that promised romance, fun, and great crabcakes. It was to be a dream vacation. By Drew Lindsay.

What's Cool Looks. Attitude. Style. Retro. Nouveau. Out of the blue. Hip. Hot. Happening. Or not. New. Tried and true. Here are cool people, bars, stores, eats, neighborhoods, drinks, places to go, things to do.

All About Having a Baby Pregnant women in Washington tend to be older, well informed, and assertive. What you should know about local hospitals, midwives, childbirth classes, gene testing, and more. By Sara Wildberger.

Best of Manassas As Manassas and Centreville grow, so does the number of area restaurants. Here are 18 good places to eat. By David Dorsen.

Asian Stars Good Asian restaurants are springing up all over–Korean and Japanese in downtown DC, pan-Asian in Annapolis, Thai in Bethesda. By Robert Shoffner And Cynthia Hacinli.

Best Bites Hot summer deals . . . Secrets of Virginia cooking . . . Asian-style tapas, Cajun cooking, and more.

Traveling Wines Versatile wines for the meals of summer. By Paul Lukacs.

Return of the Graduate Community colleges catch on with ambitious professionals. By Phaedra Brotherton.

Fabulous Floors A home-design guide to choosing anything that goes underfoot–hardwood, stone, tile, carpeting, rugs, vinyl, metal, leather, bamboo, and more.

Luxury Homes Daschle buys for $1.9 million in DC; Carville & Matalin move up in Alexandria. By Kimberly Briggs.

Southern Hospitality A country home brings together old and new to make room for guests. By Wendy Ann Larson.

Grand Style Luxury apartments are turning back the clock to offer white-glove service. By Cristy Lytal.

Lonely Therapist Seeks . . . He was ready for marriage and a family but couldn't get there. Then he did something he never thought he'd do. By Jack Kitaeff.

Elvis and Me Her husband's busy, her kids are almost grown. She and her poodle are one. By Erika Raskin.