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November 2003 Contents – Great Places to Work

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Capital Comment Who'd make the best First Lady? . . . How Dan Snyder would fix California's money problems . . . Ten reasons Hillary won't run . . . Will Ted Olson go for the gold? . . . The meanest critic in town.

Where & When A new Hall of Mammals at Natural History . . . African-American quilts at the Textile Museum . . . The Life of Galileo at Studio . . . . Eroica Trio at George Mason. By Susan Davidson.

The Thinker How to find pleasure, the dangers of moralizing, why a politician's personal life matters, and other real ideas. Interview by Ken Adelman.

What Happened to Tiny Tim? A novelist reinvents one of literature's best-known characters–plus new books, gift suggestions, and more. By William O'Sullivan.

After JFK: What LBJ Was Really Like After the assassination in Dallas, Horace Busby stayed close to Lyndon Johnson. Here, in his very personal words, is what happened next.

The Right Stuff Five business leaders who did the right thing for their companies and their community. By Leslie Milk.

Candid Camera Public faces and private moments from Diana Walker's 30 years behind the lens.

Like Father, Like Son? Will President Bush win in 2004–or is it 1992 all over again? By Nicholas Owen.

New Path to Eternal Youth? As a body gets older, it produces less testosterone and other hormones. It softens and widens, muscles grow weaker, sex drive diminishes. What if 60-year-olds were given the hormones that made them feel 40 again? Is there anything wrong with that? By John Pekkanen.

Home of the Brave They were ordinary men when they went to war. They came back heroes. Text by Peter Collier; photographs by Nick Del Calzo.

Whatever Sheila Wants After her divorce from Robert Johnson–and a settlement that left her a billionaire–Sheila Johnson is building a luxury inn and giving away millions, all in a hard-charging style. By Kristen A. Nelson.

50 Great Places to Work Looking for a better job? Here's where to find interesting work, good pay and benefits, friendly colleagues, flexible work schedules, good bosses, and the chance to grow. Best of all, these companies are hiring. By Sherri Dalphonse, Cindy Rich, Ellen McLellan, and Wayne Nelson.

Benefits Fight Night, divas, and other good times for good causes. By Maggie Wimsatt.

Like Mom Used to Make At Dish, Ron Reda serves up American classics with soul-satisfying results. Plus reviews of Nectar in DC, Half Moon Bar-B-Que in Silver Spring, Meiwah in Chevy Chase, Harry's Tap Room in Clarendon, and Café Renaissance in Vienna. By Thomas Head, David Dorsen, and Cynthia Hacinli.

Giving Thanks Wines from Maryland and Virginia are better than ever, and many go well with Thanksgiving. By Paul Lukacs.

Best Bites Hot chocolates in Old Town . . . Asian-inspired dining at the KenCen . . . Jose Andrés's nifty inventions at Café Atlántico . . . More good burgers and fries . . . A surprising bottle of wine . . . Openings and more.

Playing the Get-Into-College Game Want to know how to get into a good college? Go to the pros in the admissions game–school counselors. By Alicia Abell.

Inside Architects' Homes Ever wonder what architects' own living spaces look like? Here's a revealing peek inside five. By Gretchen Cook.

Luxury Homes Former Redskin Charles Mann sells for $1.4 million. Racing exec Joseph DeFrancis buys in Chevy Chase. By Kimberly Briggs.

Finding Evie When her brother died, she learned to live with grief. Then she adopted a baby and learned to live with joy. By Sarah Priestman.