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February 2004 Contents – Look Good, Feel Good

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Capital Comment Will new Bush pal replace Colin Powell? . . . Gridiron disses Dan Snyder . . . In Post battle, it's Style v. the ombudsman . . . Brits buying up DC lobbyists. Edited by Chuck Conconi.

Where & When Japanese birds and beasts at the Freer . . . Winston Churchill at Library of Congress . . . Opera Comique at the KenCen . . . Bobby McFerrin free on Millennium Stage. By Susan Davidson.

Where Have All the Babies Gone? Forget the population explosion–we're not having enough kids to replace ourselves, and the birth dearth is creating a very different world. Interview by Ken Adelman.

Snow Job Why do local forecasts seem so wrong so often? By Matthew Graham.

Tuesdays With Trent The senator wanted to write a book and needed a writer. I needed the money. So we talked–or he talked, and talked some more. Here's what he said. By Kim Isaac Eisler.

Here Come the Beatles! They were the Fab Four–and their first American concert would be here. Neither the music scene nor the city would ever be the same. By William Triplett.

It's the Real Estate, Stupid! Who says politics doesn't pay? Check out the homes of the campaign consultants and political fixers.

Fun Is All You Need The secret of staying in love? Try pedicures and walks on a golf course. By Cynthia Hacinli.

Breaking Up Isn't Hard to Do But it can be painful–and expensive. That's why you want a divorce lawyer who can guide you through the ordeal. Here are 52 of Washington's best. By Kim Isaac Eisler.

The Importance of Cooking Together Putting the right people into the kitchen could save the world. By Peter Steiner.

Teen Beat Lily Belt has traveled the world. Her next big adventure: high school. By Jessica Flint.

Baghdad Journey A Washington power broker takes his camera to Iraq, where he sees mass graves and drives Uday's Porsche. Photographs by Tom Korologos.

He's Not Marion Barry But does that make Tony Williams a good mayor? By Harry Jaffe.

Look Good, Feel Good All you need for a new you: health-club ratings, top yoga studios, good personal trainers, the latest on teeth whitening and laser vision correction, ways to look younger without surgery, and more.

500 Books and Counting For half a century, in good times and bad, this book club has been going strong. By Leslie Allen.

"Hi, I'm Your Daughter" I finally met the woman who gave birth to me and put me up for adoption. Then I met my birth father. Who am I to them? Who are they to me? By Denise Kersten Wills.

Dining Out The striking new Rosa Mexicano delivers the flash but needs more flavor. Plus reviews of Buck's Fishing & Camping in DC, Tutto Bene in Arlington, and Bob's Noodle in Rockville.

Happy Meals Television ads for chain restaurants promise good times and good value–but will the food make you smile? By Robert Shoffner.

Exotic Superstores They stock lots of ethnic foods–and anyone can enjoy the experience. By Douglas Brown.

Best Bites Love potions . . . Valentine's chocolates . . . romantic dinner specials . . . an Irish inn in Glen Echo.

Love in a Bottle Rosé Champagnes are perfect for Valentine's Day–as an aperitif or with dinner. By Paul Lukacs.

Benefits Hearts aflutter, and other good times for good causes. By Maggie Wimsatt.

Extreme Fun Bored with campfire songs, kids test their mettle in adrenaline-fueled adventures. By Rob Blair.

Where the Buys Are When is a vacation home a smart investment? Here's how to make sure. By Elizabeth Razzi.

Luxury Homes Fox anchor Lark McCarthy buys, ex-NBA star Alonzo Mourning sells. By Kimberly Briggs.

While You're Sleeping I wake at 3 AM and wander the city. The streets may be empty, but I'm not alone. By Rob Blair.