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October 2005 Contents – Secrets

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Publisher's Note Investing in children is the best way to ensure the future of Washington and express our love for the region. By Philip Merrill.

Capital Comment New zoo chief swims with manta rays . . . How FedEx Field stacks up . . . Look who wants to be a Maryland senator . . . Examiner moves in on Post . . . Hottest ticket in town . . . Top VIP golfers . . . Meet the Sourcettes!

Where & When China comes to the Kennedy Center . . . New AU arts center opens . . . Born Yesterday at Arena . . . Jazz festival celebrates Duke Ellington . . . U2, Rolling Stones, and Paul McCartney at MCI . . . Film festivals for just about everyone.

Spotlight Mom-to-be Amy Storch writes an addictive blog. By Ann Limpert.

Buildings I'd Tear Down The Kennedy Center and FBI headquarters are awful, but one of the world's greatest buildings is here, plus lots of others that are interesting and beautiful. Interview by Ken Adelman.

The Girls of Summer On the road to a world championship, a dozen kids from McLean learned that winning–and losing–as a team was the key to fulfilling their dreams. By John E. Mulligan.

Searching for the Best Hospital There are plenty of numbers available and lots of ratings. Here's how to avoid the hype and find the best information. By John Pekkanen.

Secrets People who keep them, people who tell them, secrets of getting your way, secret fantasies, what it's like to be a spy, and many more insider tips. Edited by William O'Sullivan.

Painting the Town Washington artists create important works, but often they are better known elsewhere than here at home. Here's a look at five of the city's most renowned. By Susan Baer.

Then and Now–How Washington Became a Great City We published our first issue in October 1965, and for 40 years we've chronicled the people, places, and events that have transformed the city from a quiet government town into a lively international capital. Here's how the city is different. By Larry Van Dyne.

The Building That Changed Washington Forty years ago, an Italian company backed by Vatican money opened a building with a striking contemporary design on the river. The Watergate soon became a landmark synonymous with luxurious living, international flair, political power, and scandal. By Drew Lindsay.

40 Lessons and Truths Learned About Politics Hard looks at politics in Washington from Watergate to Iraq, from the greatest president to the dirtiest deed. By Jack W. Germond.

Great Finds Four stylish Washingtonians talk about dressing for fall. By Kim Forrest and Alycia Kilpatrick.

JFK Knew Good Food His tastes changed Washington dining–and some of 1965's best restaurants are still going strong. Here's a trip back in time, plus reviews of six restaurants that capture the culinary past. By Robert Shoffner.

Best Bites Celebrating Ceviche in Silver Spring . . . Natural and local at Essential Grille in Tysons . . . Healthy spa dining . . . Cocktails for fall . . . Beach fare in Clarendon . . . Good Chardonnays from Oregon.

Creating a Terrific Kitchen A chef's dream kitchen, how interesting Washingtonians cook, what's new in cabinets and appliances–plus good resources and how to avoid common mistakes.

Crossword Station mutation. By Matt Gaffney.

Benefits Fashion, flowers, and other good times for good causes. By Maggie Wimsatt.

Luxury Homes John Ashcroft sells Capitol Hill rowhouse for $1.1 million. Senator Blanche Lincoln's Arlington home goes for $1.5 million, while colleague Ted Stevens sells in DC for $1.55 million. By Mary Clare Fleury.

Hello, World Postcollege life in DC was a shock–friends were far away, and I was on my own. Who knew the biggest test of all came after graduation? By Kimberly Forrest.