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October 2006 Contents – Who We Are

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Cover photographs by Matthew Worden.

Capital Comment Capitol Hill catfight . . . Washington’s Emmy winners . . . Cal and the Nats? . . . Kornheiser is controversial.

Where & When Cirque du Soleil . . . Constable landscapes at NGA . . . Twelve Angry Men at KenCen . . . Clapton at Verizon Center.

Piano Man Jazz musician Dick Morgan isn’t famous, but he probably should be. By David Einhorn.

Great Finds Below-the-belt style—this fall’s picks for stylish jeans and the best black pants.

On the Road Again Why traffic is getting worse, what local officials could do better. Interview by Ken Adelman.

Words to Live By What does Hemingway mean to John McCain? He and others talk about the books that changed their lives.

Webb’s War The former Marine likes a good fight. But will combat boots get him to the Senate? By Paul West.

Greatest Redskins Quarterbacks Jurgensen, Kilmer, Theismann, and other legends who led the team to glory. By Kim Isaac Eisler.

Out Here In the country, museums are a long drive away. But oh, those bright stars at night. By Howard Means.

What’s Going On in Charter Schools DC is a laboratory for big changes in education. By Brooke Lea Foster.

For Sale Soon? After November, these politicians may be out of a job—and looking to move some nice homes quickly.

Blazing Saddle The nation’s winningest female jockey is 18 years old—and just getting started. By McLean Robbins.

Who We Are More than a million immigrants have come here in the past 30 years, and a million more are expected. They are transforming the region, pushing it far beyond its roots as a city defined by whites and blacks.

Men With Style Ten of the area’s best-dressed men talk about fashion and dressing for success. By Cory Ohlendorf.

Pasta Perfect You can enjoy authentic Italian pasta in Washington. Here’s how and where. By Robert Shoffner.

Ten Must-Have Wines A modest collection of wines that will keep you well stocked for every occasion. By Don Rockwell.

Dining Out Saravana Palace shows the wonders of Indian vegetarian cooking. Hits and misses at Black’s Bar & Kitchen.

How to Read a Menu The secret to getting a good meal in a restaurant? It’s all in decoding the language. By Todd Kliman.

Best Bites A good butcher . . . Aegean pleasures in Rockville . . . Almond pear cake made easy . . . Whimsical treats.

Guide to Good Dentists The top general dentists and specialists—plus the latest on bleaching, braces, and other ways to a great smile.

My Mother the Star She was the first female network reporter. But all wasn’t as it seemed on camera. By John Dickerson.

Creating a New Kitchen Good makeovers, solving design problems, what’s new in floors and counters, the best appliances, and more.

Benefits Jewels, jeans, jazz, and other good times for good causes. By Maggie Wimsatt.

Easier and Better Assisted living can mean fine dining, nice outings, and the ultimate in care—for a price. By Katie Bindley.

Luxury Homes Bush aides Josh Bolton, Andy Card, and Tom Ridge make good deals. By Mary Clare Fleury.

Washingtonian Crossword Ghost writing. By Matt Gaffney.

Grandma’s Girl The youngest woman in Congress learned at the knee of her grandmother. By Andrea C. Poe.

Hot and Bothered At 48, I often still feel like a kid. So who keeps turning the heat up? By Betsy Palmer.