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November 2006 Contents – In The Money

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Cover photograph by Matthew Worden.

Capital Comment What Fenty should fix . . . Ashcroft unleashed . . . A Supreme Court clerk is worth $200,000?

Where & When New museum opens . . . Dylan at the Patriot Center . . . A Paula Vogel play at Studio . . . Weekend arts festivals.

Relax, It’s Only Music Andy Luse likes to have fun with classical favorites. By Cory Ohlendorf.

Meeting in the Middle A political guru on the problem with campaign consultants, why people are getting fed up with both parties, and why big changes are on the way. Interview by Ken Adelman.

Life After Watergate All the President’s Men made Woodward and Bernstein rich and famous. Then Bernstein faded, and Woodward survived a blunder that almost ruined his career. By Alicia C. Shepard.

Celebrating Virginia Forget about the Pilgrims. As real Virginians will tell you, America began there. By Ernest B. Furgurson.

Secrets of Success Five business leaders whose stories spelled success for their companies and the city. By Leslie Milk.

Barack Obama—the Next President? From out of nowhere, he’s become DC’s brightest star. By Garrett M. Graff.

“Something Happened and We Don’t Know Why” For 18 months, William and Elizabeth seemed like typical babies. Then the twins’ parents started noticing changes. Now, at age five, the children have autism, and no one knows what the future holds. By Cindy Rich.

Women With Style Ten of Washington’s best-dressed women share their fashion advice, favorite shops—and fashion disasters.

Guitar Heaven Washington’s music scene was hot, and Paul Reed Smith wanted to play. But he didn’t have a guitar. So he built one, and then another. Now he makes them for the gods. By William Triplett.

DC’s Best Athlete Gilbert Arenas is a killer on the court, fueled by strength, skill, and a desire to prove all doubters wrong. Now the Wizards superstar is gunning for an NBA championship. By Fred Barnes.

In the Money Executives are making $30 million, Rodeo Drive has invaded Chevy Chase, and Loudoun is America’s richest county. Here’s where the money is, how we get it, and what we do with it. Question: Can Washington be too rich?

Benefits Hearts, holidays, and other good times for good causes. By Maggie Wimsatt.

Favorite Cookbooks For inspiration or a recipe, chefs turn to Julia Child, Ferran Adria —even Weight Watchers. By Ann Limpert.

Bounty of Riches Finding the right wine to pair with the many flavors of Thanksgiving. By Don Rockwell.

Dining Out Ray’s the Classics conjures up a bygone era with big steaks and chops and retro prices. By Todd Kliman. Fish and chips and wit at Eamonn’s in Old Town Alexandria. By Cynthia Hacinli.

Best Bites Perfect Thanksgiving turkey . . . The new Johnny’s Half Shell . . . Richard vs. Trabocchi: Dueling cookbooks.

Can You Get Me In? In an age of toddler interviews and fierce pre-K competition, parents of little children are hiring consultants to help them navigate the system and give their kids an edge. By Joanne Cronrath Bamberger.

Luxury Homes Literary power couple sells for $1.8 million on Capitol Hill. Mitchell Rales deals. By Mary Clare Fleury.

To Rent, to Buy? Those seeking apartments over condos face higher rents and fewer choices. By Mark Francis Cohen.

Washingtonian Crossword Welcome, Mr. Mayor. By Matt Gaffney.

Ready for a Fight A Brazilian jiujitsu champ teaches a new kind of self-defense. By Aram Roston.

What’s in a Name She dropped her easy-to-pronounce nickname—and rediscovered an identity. By Elahe Izadi.