How to Throw a Low-Cost Wedding,­ and Other Good Advice

If a great wedding is all in the details, then today’s chat with wedding planner Allison Jackson should have you covered. From her advice on how to host a wedding in Washington for less than $10,000 (hard but possible) to thoughts on giving gifts to all of your guests (is it really necessary?), her answers couldn’t have been more thorough. Plus I learned that sometimes calla lilies have black centers. Very trendy.

Still have questions? Give them to planner Jodi Moraru, who will be here next Thursday, January 31, at 11 AM for Bridal Party’s final how-to-plan-a-wedding chat. Then get excited for February and a whole new batch of Thursday chatters. Who will it be? Florists? Photographers? Katherine Heigl? Okay, probably not Katherine Heigl. But the others are fair game. As always, details to come.


If you missed Bridal Party's first two live wedding chats, we've got transcripts here and here.

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