Chat Recap: Wedding-Planner Confidential

A super-organized wedding planner answers your questions about budgeting and more.

What’s the strangest request wedding planner Aimee Dominick has ever gotten? “Once, I had a groom who insisted I have Mike and Ikes on my person at all times in case he needed them,” she wrote in yesterday’s chat. Throughout the day, he’d come up to me and say, “Can I have some Mike and Ikes?” Too funny. To read about that—and more useful things, such as what qualities to look for when picking a wedding photographer and how to throw a glam reception without breaking the bank—check out the chat transcript here.

Continuing our April line-up of wedding planners, Kelley Freeman of Carte Blanche Events will be here next Thursday at 11 AM to answer your questions. Start submitting them now.

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