Made of Honor: The Best Bridesman

Can you learn from Patrick Dempsey?

Because I know I love movies the critics see as vapid fluff, I took my friend Troy (who was way more excited to see Iron Man the next night) with me to catch the latest feel-good wedding flick: Made of Honor with Patrick Dempsey. Troy wasn’t impressed—but I loved watching Tom (Dempsey) break all norms and play the part of best bridesman for his best friend Hannah (Michelle Monaghan).

Tom nailed his role by watching an instructional videotape narrated by a leggy blonde. Corny—but after that he was (besides the whole trying-to-break-up-the-wedding thing) a pretty stellar maid of honor. His top three acts of MOH-ness:

3. Make gift baskets for shower guests. They don’t have to be as elaborate as the candle-and-soap-stuffed behemoths in the movie, but—whether it’s a truffle or a cute shade of nail polish to match the bridesmaid gown—everyone likes a parting present.

2. Learn, learn, learn! It’s hard to become an expert overnight, but Tom read books and did drill sessions with his basketball buddies to learn everything he could about weddings—down to being able to mix and match china. For a bride overwhelmed with tasks and choices, a little guidance is heaven.

1. Block out a day for her.
The sweetest thing Tom did (ignoring the ulterior motive)? Cancel all his plans for one day so he could devote the entire time to shopping and planning with Hannah. Too helpful—and too cute.

I know it’s just a movie, and an unrealistic one at that (if you saw the size of Tom’s New York City apartment, you’d agree), but I think a man can do just as good of a job at being in the bride’s wedding party. Agree? Disagree? Take our poll below.

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