A Washingtonian Wedding: So Close Yet So Far!

Emily at a wedding this past weekend . . . practicing for her and Drew's turn.

Last week, the Reluctant Groomzilla mentioned he felt behind in his and his fiancée’s wedding planning after having attended a friend’s wedding.

Just a few days after reading that, I had a similar experience. The older sister of one of my bridesmaids got married last Saturday in Lewes, a quaint beach town in Delaware. It was tons of fun—the ceremony in an old church and the reception at a pretty winery.

The flowers were lovely—pastel bouquets embellished with golden starfish. At the ceremony, the bride’s grandfather read a passage from the Bible and got choked up, which made us all choke up. The food at the reception was absolutely amazing, especially the crab-cake sliders. The bride had been on the high-school dance team, and the groom looked like he’d had his fair share of twirls around a ballroom, so their first married dance was polished yet playful. When it was time to cut the cake, the bride and groom cut neatly into the tiered almond cake while someone else sliced into the crab-shaped raspberry groom’s cake.

So this all got me thinking that we still have to pick out our flower arrangements, that we still have to choose our Scripture readings, that we still have to select the reception food. Drew and I definitely have to practice our dancing technique. We went to a waltzing event at Glen Echo Park a few weeks ago, and our “dancing” involved a lot of running from the dance floor and laughing hysterically at our uncoordinated attempts. We have yet to pick out a cake, or maybe pies, and I haven’t decided whether I’ll smoosh the cake (or pie) into Drew’s face or place it neatly in his mouth. He told me that he’d have to retaliate accordingly. Then there are the table decorations and place settings and not only the programs themselves but also the schedule of events to put on the programs . . . so yeah, there’s a lot. tells us that Drew and I are 106 days away from husband-and-wife status—August 30 is a little less than 3½ months from now. It seems so far, but at least all these wedding tasks will make the time pass more quickly. Time flies when you’re having fun . . . and when you’re planning a wedding, right?

Emily, a Washington bride-to-be, writes every Friday about planning her wedding, which will be in Nashville this August. To follow her adventures from the beginning, click here.

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