Chat Recap: You’re Invited…

Two stationery pros talk wedding invitations.

Good thing I wasn't planning a wedding when I invited Sarah Meyer Walsh and Erin Miller in for a live chat about invitations. My five-line e-mail just wouldn't cut it next to their Couture and Le Catalogue lines of invitations. But now I know better, and hopefully so do you.

For an etiquette- and style-filled hour this morning, Sarah and Erin tackled everything from how much time you have to send thank-you notes to the polite way to make it clear on your invitation that small children are not welcome. (Hint: You don't.)

In case you missed their tips, read the transcript here.  


Next week: wedding planning! Jen Stiebel of Rockville-based SoCo Events wants your questions, so start submitting them now.


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