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August 2008 Contents – Best Bargains

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August 2008 Cover
Volume 43, Number 11

Cover Story

best bargains

Everybody loves a bargain, and here are 26 pages of deals—on everything from art to furniture to Tiffany jewelry.


Remaking the FBI

Robert Mueller was sworn in as FBI director on September 4, 2001. A week later, his job—and the nation—changed forever. By Garrett M. Graff

Heroes at Play

For 20 years, photographer Simon Bruty has captured great moments and legends of sports—though not in ways you might expect. By Drew Bratcher

Can Kay Graham’s Granddaughter Save the Post?

Katharine Weymouth is following in her grandmother’s footsteps as head of the Washington Post. But she’s a different kind of woman, and she got to the top in a very different way. By Harry Jaffe

Grownups Gone Wild

Dewey Beach is where Washington singles—young and old—go to relax, drink, and find true love. Or at least a good one-night stand. By Denise Kersten Wills

Capital Comment

Reinventing Obama and McCain . . . Good beach reads . . . Empty seats on Air Force One . . . Abramoff aide still cashing in . . . Washingtonians at the Olympics.
Profile At six-foot-eleven, Jon Rauch is the tallest player in the history of the major leagues—and one of the few with an Olympic medal.

Real Life Martha Grimes: Woman of mystery.books The author who sold books.

Where & When

Color School painters at SAAM . . . B.B. King at Wolf Trap . . . World Music Festival in Arlington . . . Tennis in Rock Creek Park . . . Restaurant bargains.


dining out Sushi-Ko unveils a glamorous spinoff in Chevy Chase, Corduroy moves to a townhouse, and Peacock Grand Cafe opens on K Street. Plus, a top chef pumps out brats and beer in Arlington. best bites Mexican appeal at Tysons . . . Where
to pick your own produce . . . Great bagels—at a pizza place? . . .
Moorenko’s ice cream by the pint . . . Looking for romance.
drinks Two new wineries are not just making high-quality wines—they’re also changing the way wines are made in Maryland. very good humor Who says summer’s only for kids? We asked six chefs to rejigger the iconic ice-cream truck’s goodies for grown-up tastes.


health Officials are finally addressing DC’s lead-poisoning problem. Will they do what it takes to save more kids from brain damage? education Knowing another language helps you connect at home and abroad. Classes can boost your career, and they’re available all When hairdresser Ken Novel was told he wasn’t going to survive his illness, he decided to spend the time he had left living well.


home repair Need work done
around the house? Here are 120 experts who can clean a rug, reupholster a
sofa, restore old photos, fix a fence, refinish hardwoods, and more.
real estate Forget granite countertops and stainless-steel appliances. The most sought-after condos have much more.Luxury Homes Wendy Raines lands a $4.3-million Colonial in Cleveland Park.

Pets Shelters and rescue groups give animals a second chance. 

First Person In teaching self-defense to city teens, I want them to find ways besides violence to solve problems. But I also have to be realistic.