Eleni Engaged: Nothing Is Cuter Than a Flower Girl

Before Eleni had even decided on bridesmaids, she knew who her flower girl would be.

In case I haven’t already made it obvious, I love weddings. A recent Washington Post Magazine article about “two intrepid women set out to slay the Wedding Industrial Complex” made me really irate. Google it—you’ll see what I’m talking about. I know the wedding industry can be overwhelming and overpriced, but that doesn’t mean you have to condemn the entire institution. Apparently both of the women in the article hate flowers, anything lace, pretty dresses, and being bridesmaids. I don’t know about you, but I’m confused.

Personally, I love talking about weddings, going to weddings, and especially being in weddings. Hence, I was eager to determine my own wedding party once Ron Burgundy and I got engaged. If I had it my way, I would probably have 15 bridesmaids because the more the merrier, and anyone who knows me knows that I’m really obsessed with my friends. But unfortunately, Ron put the kibosh on that immediately because he said it would look completely ridiculous (okay, yes, I see his point, but whatever). After some serious obsessing, Ron is going to have four groomsmen and I’m going to have six bridesmaids. Our sides will be off, but it’s not prom, so it doesn’t have to be even, right? See Eleni obsessing.

I think I can trace my love of weddings to being the flower girl in my godmother’s wedding when I was six years old. I remember being so nervous and excited to walk down the aisle and also really happy that my mom let me wear lipstick. I also remember being disgruntled as I walked down the aisle because I swear those flowers were really hard to get out of the basket. Bottom line: Before I had even decided on bridesmaids, I knew who my flower girl would be.

Eleni’s flower girl plays at the beach with Ron.

You could say you’ve seen a sweeter child, but I wouldn’t believe you. When I was going to grad school at American University last year, I was a little nugget’s part-time nanny, starting when she was two weeks old. Since then, I have become obsessed not only with her but also with her family. Her mom and I have become great friends, I see them at least once a week, and I still sometimes babysit on the weekends.

Here’s what you need to know about my flower girl: She will be two years old next month, is really into Dora the Explorer, knows her ABCs already, loves to dance and sing, and enjoys playing with her two dogs, Bella and Lilly. She calls me Len-Len and even remembers Ron because we went to Bethany Beach with her and her parents over the summer.

Can you even begin to imagine what a little nugget of a flower girl she’s going to be? I really want to put her in a dress with a huge bow on it.

Ron and I went to a wedding last month where the flower girl refused to walk down the aisle. Instead, she started screaming. At the end of the reception, she was running around in her diaper—it was pretty cute, actually. That flower girl was only 18 months old, though, and by the time our wedding rolls around, my little nugget will be 2½ years old. She’s also incredibly well behaved and very gregarious for a toddler, so I have high hopes. Even if she does start crying, who cares? She’s going to look so cute that it won’t matter.

What do you think? Feel free to share any stories you have, good or bad! And thanks to everyone who has been commenting!


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