Chat Recap: Ask a DJ

This DJ won’t play the chicken dance, but he does have a soft spot for Ben Folds’s “The Luckiest.”

Everyone knows music can make or break a party, and what’s a wedding if not one big party? So when it comes to picking the tunes for your big day, there’s a lot of pressure to make a good choice. Do you need a DJ and a band? What songs are better left off the playlist? How can you make sure the music is fit for the younger guests as well as the older ones?

Yesterday, president Evan Reitmeyer came in for a live chat to answer all those questions and more. Evan founded in 2003, and now he and his team work more than 250 weddings a year. They specialize in green weddings—in 2007 became the nation’s first 100 percent carbon-neutral wedding-entertainment company.

Before the chat, we asked Evan a few questions of our own: what song he and his wife would dance to if they got married all over again (“The Luckiest” by Ben Folds), what song is sure to get wedding guests onto the dance floor (“Low” by Flo Rida), and what song he would never play (any type of line dance, especially the chicken dance).

Our readers had a lot more questions to add. If you missed the chat, find out why Evan says to get your DJ’s name on the contract, why he’s played the theme song from Super Mario Brothers, and more by reading the transcript here.


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