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November 2008 Contents – 51st State? / Don’t Want to Cook Tonight?

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November 2008 Cover
Volume 44, Number 2

Cover Story

Don’t Want to Cook Tonight?

Here are 117 ideas for fast, delicious dinners. The best part? You barely have to do any work.


51st State

Northern Virginia sends millions to Richmond—and gets back pennies and a lot of aggravation. Why not secede? By Drew Lindsay

“I Wanted to Yell Out, ‘I Know What Happened!’”

A weekend party, an angry student, a house fire, a young man dies. And no one says a word. By Cindy Rich

Father and Son Journeys

Ben Lu wasn’t interested in science. Then his dad got sick.

Born to Run

In two years as DC mayor, Adrian Fenty has acted swiftly and boldly—some say hastily and unwisely. His assessment? “We’re not moving fast enough.” By Harry Jaffe

“Call Me Grandpa”

Senators and other tough, successful men are big softies when it comes to their grandchildren. By Nancy Doyle Palmer

Capital Comment

Local Zip codes that give a lot to pols . . . No more big bonuses for law firms? . . . Bailout winners and losers . . . Steven Pearlstein’s smart move.
Profile Bob Novak, battling a brain tumor, talks about religion, his half century covering politics, and what he’d do differently.
business Five business leaders who believed in Washington.Real Life Doctors said he’d never walk again.eye openers A glimpse of what you’ll see during a celebration of photography.books The World Is Curved by David M. Smick.

Where & When

Cirque du Soleil at National Harbor . . . The Who at Verizon . . . American History reopens . . . Frost/Nixon at Eisenhower . . . Big craft show.


dining out The Childe Harold is reborn with a facelift and a new menu. Plus—Moroccan dining with a view in Reston and two new spots for spit-roasted bites First look at the pub CommonWealth . . . Chef from hell taking over in Tysons? . . . New restaurants keep on coming . . . Is Chilean sea bass back?drinks Wine goes ecofriendly. Taste the difference?


style How to dress for “creative black tie” and more. games You, too, can play in a poker Sports are big at area private schools.seniors Tips on choosing an assisted-living facility.Reader deals Wrap Up a Bargain.


up on the roof The sky was the limit on this DC house Fixing a cramped hallway results in a lot more of bethesda New shops, good restaurants, theaters, spas, and other fun spots in one of the area’s liveliest cities.Luxury Homes Ex-Caps goalie Ollie Kolzig sells in Potomac for $3.4 million.

Pets If you can’t provide a permanent home, you can take in a foster pet.

First Person A New Yorker shares her love for Wegmans.