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February 2009 Contents: 100 Very Best Restaurants

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February 2009 Cover
Volume 44, Number 5

Cover Story

100 Very Best Restaurants

The finest dining in DC, Maryland, and Virginia—ranked in order. Plus—who’s incoming and outgoing, the top 25 dishes, 30 great values, what’s in and what’s out, and more.

Photograph by Stacy Zarin-Goldberg.


“Everyone Calls Me Joe”

Joe Biden’s life has been full of surprising highs and extraordinary lows. By Nancy Doyle Palmer.

Where’s the Party?

College kids still drink and stay out late, but now they face tougher rules and nasty online rumors. It’s enough to make you glad you’ve graduated. By Sonia Harmon, Hillary Jackson, and Lauren Sloat.

Mr. Lincoln’s Washington

This was a different place when Abraham Lincoln lived here, but his spirit lives on. By Ernest B. Furgurson.

Top Divorce Lawyers

A down economy makes couples unhappy. Here are 88 lawyers who can help settle things. By Kim Eisler and Leslie Milk.

What Happens When You Call 911

After years of bad blood between District firefighters and emergency medical personnel, DC’s system is still broken. The suburbs do it much better. By John Pekkanen.

Metro Shows the Way A winning high-school essay on local business.

Capital Comment Obama’s Chicago crew . . . The month’s hot guest list . . . How to talk like a Washingtonian . . . Williams & Connolly’s insider connections.

Where & When Patti LaBelle at Constitution Hall . . . Scurlock photos at American History . . . Flamenco at Lisner . . . Ford’s Theatre reopens.

Why Is Tom Davis Smiling? He helped Northern Virginia boom and helped keep DC from going broke. Now he’s out of politics.

Looking for Love For three decades, Washingtonians looking for Ms. or Mr. Right turned to the “In Search Of” ads. Here are some of their stories.

Jean Therapy Ten great places to buy denim.

Little Picassos At art camps, kids tap their creativity.

Look Good, Save Money Want a new look? Eight places offer reader deals, from free haircuts to discounts on massages, manicures, and more.

Guide to Cosmetic Surgery The author decided to “have a little something done.” Here’s her story along with a look at the latest anti-aging treatments, including wrinkle fillers, lasers, and Botox. Plus—liposuction, breast implants, and more.

Luxury Homes Nine baths, only $2.6 million. Plus, landscape architect James van Sweden sells in Georgetown, TV reporter Doug McKelway gets what looks like a bargain.

Well-Priced Getaways Thinking about a second home? There are some deals at resort areas near Washington.

Who Gets the Dog? Pet-custody cases are on the rise, but the law hasn’t caught up with the emotions involved.

Art Amid the Ruins She’s been shot at and beaten. Through it all, this photojournalist captured amazing images of war—and peace.

“That’s Your Sister?” We’re very different—but we stick together.