Eleni Engaged: An Expert Bridesmaid

One of Eleni’s bridesmaids weighs in on her role.

Eleni, right, with her bridesmaid Jillian.

Hello! I’m Jillian, one of the lucky few that Eleni hand-picked to be in her wedding. I couldn’t be happier for Eleni and Ron—they’re such lovely people. Although I’m extremely excited to be a bridesmaid in this fancy affair, I’m no novice. Not including my stints as a flower girl, I’ve been a bridesmaid in three other weddings.

The first was my sister’s wedding when I was 17 years old. I was the maid of honor in name only. I was more concerned about getting my braces off than I was about what color scheme my sister was going to pick.

My sister, like Eleni, had a big wedding party. My brother-in-law comes from a family of nine, and I come from a family of five, so when you include all siblings and throw in a few cousins, you have a wedding party the size of a small army. To this day, I have no idea how my sister pulled it off.

She had a useless maid of honor, a diagnosed schizophrenic bridesmaid, and a 250-person wedding to plan—all without the Internet. God bless her because the sage-colored linen dresses she picked were simply beautiful. For our gifts, she gave each of us a silver necklace that held a pearl in a basket. I still wear it ten years later.

My sister chose to get a photographer and a videographer. I looked through her wedding album during one of my recent trips home, and the pictures are gorgeous. The layout is a little dated, but the story of the day is still captured beautifully. On the other hand, the wedding video is collecting dust in some corner of my sister’s busy household. I have yet to see it, and if I haven’t seen it, then it was a big waste of money.

My second tour of duty was for a close cousin who has since divorced the groom. Not to put a damper on a bridal blog, but the marriage was over before the first chord of the wedding march. For the extremely short ceremony, I walked down the aisle wearing a giant lavender prom dress. It had a huge skirt with rhinestones on the straps and neckline.

To make it even more of a fairy tale, the bride had each of her bridesmaids buy four-inch silver strappy sandals. I was 19 and in college at the time. I thought it was fabulous that I didn’t have to buy a new pair of shoes because—guess what—I already owned a pair of four-inch silver strappy sandals.

Then, almost three years ago, a longtime friend asked me to be in her wedding. She was my best friend in high school, but a boyfriend (the groom) and time (she never called me back) came between us. We had recently reconnected, and I was thrilled to be asked. Her maid of honor was her college-age sister and the other bridesmaids were his sisters—which left all the heavy lifting to me. For this Boston-area wedding, I planned the bachelorette party from DC. It wasn’t easy with a bridal party that was incommunicado. I got it done, and everyone who mattered had a great time.

For this wedding, I wore a two-piece, wine-colored satin dress with chiffon draping at the neck. It wasn’t a complete disaster, but it wasn’t pretty either. To top it all off, the bride gave each of us a gold necklace with a three-tiered stone charm. The stones were heart-shaped and red, pink, and light pink. I think I accidentally lost it after the wedding.

What have I learned in all my times being a bridesmaid? It’s way more fun being a bridesmaid for a bride who’s truly excited about being a bride. These brides love to include you in the planning and really make you feel like a vital part of making their day the very best.


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