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May 2009 Contents: 26 Reasons to Love Living Here

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May 2009 Cover
Volume 44, Number 8

Cover Story

26 Reasons to Love Living Here

Cute zoo babies! The world’s best library! And lots more reasons we’re lucky to call Washington home.

Photograph of Barack Obama by Chris/


Give Me Your Best Shot

John McCain on the front line, Rahm Emanuel canoodling with Nancy Pelosi, and other striking political moments.

Making Miracles

Lynt Johnson is helping build Georgetown Hospital’s transplant program into one of the nation’s best. Here are stories of lives saved. By Cindy Rich.

100 Top Techies

Northern Virginia has long been a top technology corridor, but tech leaders in Maryland and DC are making a mark, too. By Garrett M. Graff.

Green Giants

The Washingtonian‘s annual Green Awards honor local people who work to protect our environment. By Leslie Milk.

Capital Comment A pop quiz for real Virginians . . . Local boutiques for the First Fashionista . . . Ben-Veniste dishes on his foes . . . Lunching with Don Graham.

Where & When Bruce Springsteen at Verizon . . . Giant at Signature . . . Plácido’s Latin soul at Constitution Hall . . . Jewish Film Festival.

The Doctor as patient A psychiatrist battling a tough illness talks about the two words that physicians should say a lot more often.

Salary Update: Who Makes What? Think you’re making good money? Here are the paycheck numbers for more than 200 Washingtonians.

Getting to 60 Filibusters are a time-honored Senate tradition—or a low-down guerrilla tactic. Here’s what we’re likely to see soon.

See It and Believe It A bar owned by a 28-year-old burlesque dancer turns into a showcase for the amazing and the just plain weird.

Golden Oldies The author set off in search of the area restaurants in Duncan Hines’s legendary dining guide. There were some pleasant surprises.

Dining Out Former 2941 chef Jonathan Krinn is back with the ambitious Inox in Tysons. Plus—a motel surprise in Falls Church and an eco-minded hot spot in DC.

Best Bites First look at Arlington’s Eventide . . . Brunch roundup: 22 good reasons to get up before noon on Sunday . . . Eateries new and noteworthy.

Home Design: Headache-Free Renovation A lot can go wrong in a remodeling project. How do you make one go smoothly? Here are tips from the pros. Plus—72 top remodelers and how to avoid bathroom blunders.

Spa Values Spas can be expensive—a facial or massage can cost $100 or more. We found 30 treatments that are worth the time and money.

Luxury Homes Power couple Michael Kinsley and Patricia Stonesifer buy a $2.9-million condo in DC. Plus—Obama’s Arne Duncan buys in Arlington.

Our First Home Price drops, tax incentives, and low interest rates are convincing first-time homeowners that now is a good time to buy.

Pets The smartest dogs can create the most mischief.

A New Mia Hamm America’s best woman soccer player storms Washington.

Perfect Mismatches A husband and wife accumulate a collection of teacups as different from one another as they are.