Modern, Rustic, and Vineyard Weddings

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Love amid the hay. Photograph by Cat Thrasher Photography

Oh, rustic and charming farm weddings, we just can’t quit you. This one (photographed by Cat Thrasher Photography), which took place just outside of Charlottesville, features a ceremony situated amid bales of hay, sweet florals plucked straight from the farmer’s market, and quilt tablecloths.
The Bride’s Cafe

This is the second time in the past few months that we’ve seen a bride wear a deep purple gown instead of white or ivory. And you know what? We’re totally digging it. We love how the hue of this bride’s gown is used throughout the wedding—it’s just so totally chic.
United With Love

This is one of the most genius ideas we’ve seen—instead of giving all of their guests the same favor, this couple set up a “vintage favor flea market” so that guests could choose among lots of different items (sunglasses, record albums, jewelry) to find the gift that best suited their tastes. Brilliant.
District Weddings

We often forget that having a vineyard wedding just a few hours away is entirely possible. Here’s one at Veritas Vineyard in Afton. We love the tree-trunk details, the bride’s romantic gown, and, of course, the Carpe Donut trunk.
Charlottesville Wedding Blog

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