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November 2012 Contents: Virginia vs. Maryland vs. DC

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November 2012 Cover
Volume 48, Number 2

Cover Story

Virginia vs. Maryland vs. DC

The Potomac River has long been the region’s great divide, not just geographically but also in matters of politics, culture, taste, and more. But changes over the past three decades have blurred the differences among jurisdictions. Here are facts and figures that reveal how our health, wealth, and lifestyles compare.

Illustration for The Washingtonian by Harry Campbell.


Playing With Fire

Inside the world’s largest fire-science laboratory, researchers recreate infernos to find clues hidden in the ashes that can bring the guilty to justice and set the innocent free. By Michael Gaynor

The Things They Leave Behind

When the Vietnam Veterans Memorial opened 30 years ago this month, something unexpected happened: People started leaving things at the wall. One veteran has spent decades cataloging the letters, mementos, and other artifacts of loss—all 400,000 of them. By Rachel Manteuffel

Saint Marion

As scandals sap his power, Marion Barry is trying to cast himself as DC’s savior. Here, the political obituary of the city’s “mayor for life.” By Harry Jaffe

They Know Money

The recession changed the way many of us think about money. Here’s what you need to know about investing and managing your finances today. Plus—220 experts who can help you make smart choices. Edited by Mary Clare Glover

Capital Comment

How to have a happy Redskins vs. Cowboys Thanksgiving . . . The congressman and the cults . . . Power lessons from Thomas Jefferson . . . The high court’s new clerks . . . Great gourds . . . Why girls outperform boys in class? . . . Health care for the Washington Post Company.
Anatomy Picking a turkey to pardon.
Behind the Scenes Inside CNN’s control room.
Parties Fall glamour and fun for good causes.

Where & When

Bluegrass at Lisner . . . Aretha Franklin at DAR Constitution Hall . . . Midori at the KenCen . . . Bob Dylan and Mark Knopfler at Verizon . . . Arabian treasures at the Sackler . . . My Fair Lady at Arena . . . Dreamgirls at Signature . . . Craft show at the Convention Center . . . FotoWeek DC.


Profile Cracking the college-admissions code.

Washington Read A biography of a legendary Washington hostess—plus the ripples of war.

Politics Bring back the booze.

Military How Tom Ricks entered the fray.

Business Hall of Fame Five leaders who kept their eyes on the prize.

What Made Me Novelist David Baldacci on fear.


Place Your Bets A guide to the area’s best casinos—and advice on how to win. Plus: what’s new in bingo and warning signs about gambling.

No More Sloppy Joes At some private schools, kids feast on tuna-pesto salad and gazpacho.