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May 2013 Contents: Fairs, Festivals, and Farmers Markets

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May 2013 Volume 48, Number 8

Cover Story

Fairs, Festivals, and Farmers Markets

More than 130 reasons to get outside—whether you want to sip good wine, peruse fine art, take the kids on a carnival ride, or buy fresh corn on the cob. Edited by Sherri Dalphonse.

On the Cover: Chalk illustration for The Washingtonian by Jeff Nelson. Photograph by John Abernathy.


The Meaning of Local

In the food world, “local” has evolved from an ideology to a movement to something that looks suspiciously like an ism. And yet what do we talk about when we talk about local? Not nearly enough, it turns out. By Todd Kliman

Truth and Consequences

When should the state be allowed to take your DNA? The Supreme Court’s answer to that question could determine whether a Maryland rapist goes free. By Harry Jaffe

Tech Titans

From cybersecurity to mobile apps to cloud computing, Washington’s tech scene has never been more diverse or exciting. Here are 100 leaders who are changing how we interact with the world around us. By Garrett M. Graff

Capital Comment

Scandal at Sidwell . . . The Post’s Neil Irwin on the financial crisis . . . A teen science prodigy’s prodigious ambitions . . . All-Washington All-Star baseball team . . . DLA Piper’s $3-million meeting at sea. Behind the Scenes A rare view from atop Washington National Cathedral.

Where & When

The Washington Ballet premieres Hemingway: The Sun Also Rises at the KenCen . . . Boris Chaliapin’s Time covers at the Portrait Gallery . . . Denyce Graves at Strathmore . . . “Diaghilev and the Ballets Russes” at the National Gallery . . . Shout Out Louds at 9:30 . . . The Real Thing at Studio . . . Raffi at the Warner.


Profile Researcher Tom Rath’s next project is personal, and may be his most important yet. Books A dazzling novel about a local author’s homeland and her adopted country. Washingtonian Green Awards Our annual honors for those working to save the area’s natural resources—and inspiring others. What Made Me Rand Construction’s Linda Rabbitt on Teddy Roosevelt, surviving breast cancer, and being the only girl in the room.


Great White With summer around the corner, our favorite warm-weather neutral takes center stage. Traveling Full Circle After years of declining business, travel agents are popular again.


Thoroughly Modern José Andrés’s expanded Minibar is more lab than kitchen and more performance than dinner. Plus—a retro-minded steakhouse in Springfield, a Bethesda sports bar with surprisingly good food, and a Peruvian gem in Wheaton.


Bathing Beauties The latest in bathroom design, how to make the most of a small bath, and the area’s top designers, shops, and experts to help you create your dream space. Best of Easton Art galleries, restaurants, inns, and other good bets on Maryland’s Eastern Shore. Luxury Homes Food critic Tom Sietsema, Capital Troy Brouwer, and Hilton’s Chris Nassetta make deals. Pets Shelters overflow with kittens every spring—and the problem may be getting worse. First Person Her father’s chairs were a treasured keepsake, but it was time to move on.