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June 2013 Contents: Hikes and Bikes

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June 2013 Volume 48, Number 9

Cover Story

Bikes and Hikes

Fun, scenic walks and rides—whether you’re a beginner, an intermediate, or a pro. Edited by Sherri Dalphonse.

Photograph for The Washingtonian by Jeff Elkins. Handwritten text by Luke Lucas. Bikes courtesy of The Daily Rider. Models: Jill Holland and Eric Butts. Clothing provided by Bloomingdale’s (Chevy Chase). Makeup and hair by Susan Heydt of Suze Makeup Studio for Smashbox Cosmetics.
(When you’re biking, wear a helmet. We know the models here aren’t, but they weren’t really going anywhere.)


Soul Town

In the 1960s and ’70s, Washington’s soul and funk scene flourished. Here’s a look at the musicians who made it their own—and are still performing all these years later. Photographs by Eli Meir Kaplan

Shot Down

The Navy has a tradition of not forgiving mistakes. So how is it that a pilot who knowingly fired on a US plane was able to rise through the ranks to the service’s highest levels? By Shane Harris

“You’re Pretty—You Could Make Some Money”

In the affluent Northern Virginia suburbs, police and federal investigators have taken down dozens of juvenile sex traffickers. Here’s how one gang recruited teens—some in the halls of Fairfax County schools. By Marisa M. Kashino

Capital Comment

Political gift-giving—and regifting . . . New names for the Redskins . . . The Wizards: not as bad as you think! . . . $8-million house for sale in Great Falls . . . Lemonade cocktails on tap.

Where & When

Anything Goes at the KenCen . . . The Source Festival . . . Ballet Across America . . . Step Afrika! at Atlas . . . Georges Braque and Ellsworth Kelly at the Phillips . . . Ira Glass of This American Life at Strathmore . . . Silverdocs becomes AFI Docs . . . The National at Merriweather.


Outbreak at NIH Medical staff seemed powerless to stop a drug-resistant superbug. Books A Civil War adventure and grammar fun. World’s Most Traveled Man? He’s logged 2.3 million miles. So why is he controversial? What Made Me Architect Hugh Newell Jacobsen on mentors and knowing history.


The Final Straw Breezy, warm-weather accessories to weave into your wardrobe. Your Aching Back The latest on pain prevention, treatment, and exercises.