Quick Fix: 6 Products Every Bride Needs on Her Wedding Day

Avert a fashion disaster with these handy problem solvers.

When it comes to wedding-day fashion, it’s better to be safe than sorry. Avoid any style hiccups by creating a bridal emergency kit and stocking up on must-have supplies. Read on for six of our favorite styling products that will solve any bridal wardrobe malfunction in time for the ceremony.

Problem: Despite numerous fittings, you strapless dress keeps on riding down and your V-neck dress reveals too much.

Fix: Avoid flashing your nearest and dearest by using a few pieces of double-sided body tape to keep your dress in place and prevent any unwanted movement.

Try: Hollywood Fashion Tape double-stick strips, $8.27 at Amazon.

Problem: You are wearing your brand new shoes and blisters are imminent.

Fix: Apply a layer of lubricating anti-friction formula to instantly reduce rubbing on skin.

Try Band-Aid friction block stick, $8.29 at CVS.

Problem: You spilled something on your dress.

Fix: Treat the spot with a stain-removing wipe or pen. Dab the product over the marks instead of rubbing the stain-fighting formula into the spot to avoid circles.

Try Shout Wipe & Go portable stain treater towelettes, $3.49 at drugstores.

Problem: The dress won’t zip up.

Fix: Apply a stainless wax lubricant along the zipper to loosen up the stubborn teeth.

Try Zipper-Ease lubricant stick, $4.99 at Amazon.

Problem: Your non-white bridal gown got deodorant marks on it.

Fix: Scrub off the undesirable white marks using a grainy fabric sponge.

Try Gal Pal garment deodorant removers, $9.99, at the Container Store.

Problem: One of your buttons popped off the dress, the hem of the dress tore, some of the beaded detailing fell off . . .

Fix: A must have for all brides-to-be, a sewing kit will mask any wear and tear and fix any last-minute disasters.

Try: Singer sewing kit, $3.99, at CVS.