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May 2015 Contents: Great Walks

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May 2015 Volume 50, Number 8

Cover Story

Great Walks

City scenes, wetland paths, rocky trails—here are 20 options, from low-impact to seriously strenuous, for stretching out your legs.

Edited by Sherry Dalphonse.


The Education of Kevin Spacey

Long before House of Cards, there was an actor with surprisingly earnest ambitions about DC. A look at how he made the scene—and what it says avout how the capital really works. By Noam Scheiber.

Sext After Marriage

Tinder is supposed to be a hookup app for twentysomethings. But for new divorcés a decade or two older, it’s exhilarating, addictive—and immensely practical. By Alexandra Robbins.

Rabbi Rumble

Punctuated by feelings of betrayal and accusations of misbehavior, the fight over George Washington University’s Chabad is unusually nasty. It’s also surprisingly public. By Emily Codik.

Tech Titans

Here’s who rules Washington’s digital universe. By Michael J. Gaynor.


A restaurant putting Charlottesville on the culinary map, Georgetown’s Chez Billy Sud, masterful mole, dangerously delicious blue catfish, and more.


Wedding Belles Playful patterns for summer weddings.Car Talk Washington’s distincitve taste in cars, most popular models, surprising dealer perks, and what your car says about you. Itinerary The best of the hot eating and drinking destinations Shaw and Bloomingdale.


Outdoor Living Gorgeous gardens—plus our guide to creating a beautiful green space of your own. Future Look The development boom around Northeast DC’s Union Market.

Off the Market! The month’s most expensive home sales.

Pets Washington’s first “cat cafe.”